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Global Languages Centre

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Decolonising Indian mind and Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘Predatory-Digested Cultures’ paradigm. Boletin de Literatura Oral - The Literary Journal, 11 (1). pp. 183-192. ISSN 2173-0695

Global Library

Fakhre Alam, Abid, Subaveerapandiyan, A., Mvula, Dalitso and Tiwary, Neelam (2024) AI Literacy and Zambian librarians: A Study of perceptions and applications. Open Information Science, 8 (1). ISSN 2451-1781

Kampa, Raj Kishor, Padhan, Dhirendra Kumar, Karna, Nalini and Gouda, Jayaram (2024) Identifying the factors influencing plagiarism in higher education: An evidence-based review of the literature. Accountability in Research. ISSN 1545-5815 | 0898-9621 (In Press)

Jindal Global Business School

-, Rajni, Banerjee, Tuhin and Kumar, Prashant (2024) Forecasting of renewable energy production in United States: An ARIMA based time series analysis. AIP Conference Proceedings, 3010 (1). ISSN 0094-243X

Ai, Hongshan, Islam, Nazrul, Mangla, Sachin Kumar, Song, Malin and Tan, Xiaoqing (2024) Circular economy, open innovation and green innovation: Empirical evidence from prefecture-level cities in China. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. ISSN 0018-9391 | 1558-0040 (In Press)

Ali, Mashkoor and Giri, Ankik Kumar (2024) A Note on the discrete coagulation equations with collisional breakage. Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, 189 (5). ISSN 1572-9036 | 0167-8019

Arora, Anurup, Koul, Saroj and Kumar, Uma (2024) Rescue of the Material Recycler: A Case Study on the ‘End-of-Life Tyres'. FIIB Business Review. ISSN 2319-7145 | 2455-2658 (In Press)

Banu C, Shakeela, R, Roopashree, Jain, Neeraj, Gupta, Manali, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar and Kadham, Mustafa Jawad (2024) Maintaining the biodiversity and wilderness areas amid the COVID-19 crisis and further. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 26-36. ISSN 2663-2187

Bibi, Gulshan (2024) Employee mobility as a knowledge development strategy. Human Resource Management Review. ISSN 1053-4822 (In Press)

Chakrabarti, Anindya S., Mishra, Abinash and Mohaghegh, Mohsen (2024) Inequality and income mobility: the case of targeted and universal interventions in India. The Journal of Economic Inequality. ISSN 1573-8701 | 1569-1721 (In Press)

Chakravorty, Arjun, Kumar, Vibhash, Singh, Pankaj and Baburaj, Sharath (2024) Does work meaningfulness hold the key? Exploring the power of meaningful work in attenuating burnout. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication. ISSN 25149350 | 25149342 (In Press)

Dwivedi, Ashish, Srivastava, Shefali, Agrawal, Dindayal, Jha, Ajay and Paul, Sanjoy Kumar (2024) Analyzing the inter-relationships of business recovery challenges in the manufacturing industry: Implications for post-pandemic supply chain resilience. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management. ISSN 0974-0198 | 0972-2696 (In Press)

Fayaz, Irfan and Saharanb, Akash (2024) Assessment of factors leading to resilience among adults in violence-affected area of Kashmir: an exploratory study employing content analysis and best-worst method. Medicine, Conflict and Survival. ISSN 1362-3699 | 1743-9396 (In Press)

Ganguly, Anirban and Farr, John V. (2024) Supply chain resiliency in Post- COVID-19 Times: Evaluating the inhibitors using a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process approach. Journal of Health Management. ISSN 0972-0634 | 0973-0729 (In Press)

H, Malathi, Mishra, Rashmi, Jain, Neeraj, Dheer, Meenakshi, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar and Kadham, Mustafa Jawad (2024) Plant breeding and biotechnology's significance in sustainable agriculture. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 49-59. ISSN 2663-2187

Han, Qing, Kumar, Rupesh and Kumar, Amit (2024) Climate change and human migration: Perspectives for environmentally sustainable societies. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 256: 107352. ISSN 0375-6742

Iqbal, Ubais Parayil, Jose, Sobhith Mathew and Tahir, Muhammad (2024) Examining the demand side factors of green banking adoption – a study exploring the case of Oman. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management. ISSN 1753-8394 (In Press)

Jain, Surbhi and Raithatha, Mehul (2024) Founder ownership concentration and risk disclosures: an emerging economy view. Journal of Applied Accounting Research. ISSN 0967-5426 (In Press)

Jaouhari, Asmae El, Arif, Jabir, Jawab, Fouad, Samadhiya, Ashutosh and Kumar, Anil (2024) Unfolding the role of metaverse in agri-food supply chain security: current scenario and future perspectives. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. ISSN 0950-5423 | 1365-2621

Mehmood, Khalid, Kautish, Pradeep, Mangla, Sachin Kumar, Ali, Ahsan and Kazancoglu, Yigit (2024) Navigating a net-zero economy future: Antecedents and consequences of net-zero economy-based green innovation. Business Strategy and the Environment. ISSN 1099-0836 | 0964-4733 (In Press)

P, Lavanya, MM, Rekha, Kumar A, Senthil, J, Archana, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar and Baher, Hala (2024) Tackling Smallholder Farming Challenges through Climate-Smart Agriculture. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 37-48. ISSN 2663-2187

Pandey, Ajay Kumar, Pratap, Saurabh, Dwivedi, Ashish and Khan, Sharfuddin Ahmed (2024) Industry 4.0 and supply chain sustainability: benchmarking enablers to build reliable supply chain. Benchmarking: An International Journal. ISSN 1463-5771 (In Press)

Qing, Han, Guo, Zhongxing, Kumar, Rupesh and Kumar, Amit (2024) An empirical approach for enhancing farmers' concentrated residence strategies: A case study in Jiangsu Province, China. Ecological Indicators, 158: 111361. ISSN 1872-7034 | 1470-160X

Rafi-Ul-Shan, Piyya, Bashiri, Mahdi, Kamal, Muhammad Mustafa, Mangla, Sachin Kumar and Tjahjono, Benny (2024) An analysis of fuzzy group decision-making to adopt emerging technologies for fashion supply chain risk management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. ISSN 00189391 | 15580040

Raj, Rohit, Kumar, Vimal, Mittal, Ankesh, Verma, Priyanka, Lai, Kuei-Kuei and Singh, Arpit (2024) Practices and strategies for global sourcing and supply chain management: a Pareto analysis and MOORA a mixed method approach. Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing. ISSN 2398-5364 (In Press)

Raj, Rohit, Singh, Arpit, Kumar, Vimal and Verma, Pratima (2024) Achieving professional qualifications using micro-credentials: a case of small packages and big challenges in higher education. International Journal of Educational Management. ISSN 0951-354X (In Press)

Rao, Patruni Muralidhara, Pedada, Saraswathi, Jangirala, Srinivas, Das, Ashok Kumar and Rodrigues, Joel J. P. C. (2024) Role of IoT in the ages of digital to smart cities: Security challenges and countermeasures. IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, 7 (1). pp. 56-64. ISSN 2576-3199 | 2576-3180 (In Press)

Rath, Chetna and Tripathy, Asit (2024) Hindustan petroleum corporation limited: the sustainability saga for delivering happiness. The CASE Journal. ISSN 1544-9106 | 1544-9106 (In Press)

Sardana, Divya, Kumar, Prashant, Priya, Prachi and -, Rajni (2024) Mean and extreme wave power using ERA5: A global analysis. AIP Conference Proceedings. ISSN 0094-243X | 1551-7616

Sezer, Muruvvet Deniz, Kazancoglu, Yigit and Mangla, Sachin Kumar (2024) Analysing of the territorial competitiveness index in Izmir through dynamic model. Resources Policy, 88. ISSN 1873-7641 | 0301-4207

Shamsuddoha, Mohammad, Koul, Saroj and Taylor, Ivan W. (2024) Eco-efficient dairy waste treatment: Validating a sustainable system dynamics framework. Operations Research Forum. ISSN 2662-2556 (In Press)

Shukla, Mudit, Tyagi, Divya and Pandey, Jatin (2024) Safety “works”: the influence of safety coaching on work engagement. Management Decision. ISSN 0025-1747 (In Press)

Suman, Shikha and Kulshrestha, Anurag (2024) Integrative approach: Advancing endometrial cancer biomarkers through machine learning and network-derived RNA-Seq screening. Human Gene, 39: 201257. ISSN 2773-0441

Suresh, Natarajan, S, Prakashiny, Nifra, M.Fathima, Karuppiah, Nivethitha, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar and Khalaf, Othman Mahjoob (2024) Analysis of Oesophageal cancer risk factors in a high-incidence region. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 102-118. ISSN 2663-2187

Thakur, Vikas, Hossain, Md Kamal and Mangla, Sachin Kumar (2024) Factors to vaccine cold chain management for sustainable and resilient healthcare delivery. Journal of Cleaner Production, 434 (140116). ISSN 09596526 | 18791786

V, Selvakumar, -, Hurmat, Gautam, Ritu, Goswami, Avinash Krishna, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar and Khalaf, Othman Mahjoob (2024) Predicted impacts of climate and land use changes on plant diversity. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 71-79. ISSN 2663-2187

Wang, Yong, Perera, Sandun C., Mangla, Sachin Kumar, Han, Linna and Song, Malin (2024) Aligning development aid toward sustainable development goals: When and where is aid effective on the health workforce? Production and Operations Management. ISSN 1059-1478 | 1937-5956 (In Press)

Yadav, Sachin and Singh, Surya Prakash (2024) Machine learning-based mathematical model for drugs and equipment resilient supply chain using blockchain. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 0254-5330 | 1572-9338 (In Press)

Zhou, Xiaoyang, Zhu, Qiuyun, Xu, Lei, Wang, Kai, Yin, Xiang and Mangla, Sachin Kumar (2024) The effect of carbon tariffs and the associated coping strategies: A global supply chain perspective. Omega (United Kingdom), 122: 102960. ISSN 0305-0483

Zhou, Xiongyong, Lu, Haiyan and Mangla, Sachin Kumar (2024) The impact of digital traceability on sustainability performance: investigating the roles of sustainability-oriented innovation and supply chain learning. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal. ISSN 1359-8546 (In Press)

Jindal Global Law School

Bafna, Sania S. and Pranjal, Piyush (2024) Navigating sustainable diets: An exploration of choices and consequences. International Journal of Law Management & Humanities, 7 (1). pp. 1342-1346. ISSN 2581-5369

Chaudhary, Shraddha (2024) Law Commission of India and the debate on age of consent. Economic and Political Weekly, 59 (6). ISSN 0012-9976 | 2349-8846

Finden, Alice and Dutta, Sagnik (2024) Counterterrorism, political anxiety and legitimacy in postcolonial India and Egypt. Critical Studies on Terrorism. ISSN 1753-9153 | 1753-9161 (In Press)

Gupta, Suvrajyoti and Moti, Shireen (2024) Missing the wood for the trees: How Indian legal education fails to deliver the professional lawyer? Asian Journal of Legal Education, 11 (1). pp. 60-73. ISSN 2322-0058 | 2348-2451

Holden, Livia, Seth, Malvika, Mishra, Ashwin and Steuer, Max (2024) Editorial | The rise of cultural expertise in litigation. Jindal Global Law Review. ISSN 2364-4869 | 0975-2498

Kishwar, Sanya Darakhshan, Singh, Surabhi and Nandal, Himani (2024) Adjudication on issues of culture in India: In conversation with Advocate Shadan Farasat. Jindal Global Law Review. ISSN 2364-4869 | 0975-2498 (In Press)

Setia, Sunidhi, Narang, Samanvi and Salman, Suhaib (2024) Intermediary liability for online copyright infringement in India: a trans-judicial dialogue. International Journal of Intellectual Property Management, 14 (1). ISSN 1478-9647 | 1478-9655

Shah, Malika Galib, Gupta, Akash and Bajpai, Arushi (2024) Search and seizure of electronic devices in India: time for a change. The International Journal of Evidence & Proof. ISSN 1365-7127 | 1740-5572

Sharma, Eva, Malhotra, Isha and Gandotra, Aditya (2024) Navigating motherhood through surrogacy: Biological citizenship and maternal agency in Meera Syal’s The House of Hidden Mothers (2015). South Asian Review. ISSN 0275-9527 | 2573-9476 (In Press)

Singh, Aishwarya and Ramkumar, Meenakshi (2024) Courts, culture, and complicity: How anthropological knowledge sustains state imaginations of indigeneity. Jindal Global Law Review. ISSN 2364-4869 | 0975-2498 (In Press)

Singh, Kabir (2024) Utilizing AI to resolve the legal poker conundrum—ignoring the biological limits of mankind? Gaming Law Review. ISSN 2572-5300 | 2572-5327 (In Press)

Sinha, Chetan (2024) Critical psychology and the brain: Rethinking free will in the legal context. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science. ISSN 1932-4502 | 1936-3567

Steuer, Max (2024) Cultural expertise, hate speech, and the far right: the Slovak Mazurek case. Legal Pluralism and Critical Social Analysis. ISSN 2770-6869 | 2770-6877

Steuer, Max and Weigelt, Thibault (2024) Editorial | There and back again? Law, culture, and scholarly publishing. Jindal Global Law Review. ISSN 2364-4869 | 0975-2498

Sur, Abhisek, Nandy, Amarendu and Ray, Partha (2024) Does foreign currency borrowing make firms vulnerable? Experience of emerging India. Journal of Policy Modeling. ISSN 0161-8938 (In Press)

Suswaram, Aditya (2024) The Discrimination and anomaly in the property rights of Indian women. Statute Law Review, 45 (1): April 2024. ISSN 01443593

Valan, Michael L., Nahar, Rohan and Coston, Charisse T.M. (2024) Fear and actual victimization: Exploring the gap among social activists in India. Criminal Justice Ethics. ISSN 0731-129X | 1937-5948

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Agboola, Caroline and Kang’ethe, Simon (2024) Illicit drugs use in South African female correctional centres. Cogent Social Science, 10 (1). ISSN 2331-1886

Bandyopadhyay, Shilpa and Singh, Kamlesh (2024) Beyond Family Care: Exploring perspectives on old age homes in contemporary India. Journal of Aging and Environment. ISSN 2689-2618 | 2689-2626 (In Press)

Fayaz, Irfan and Saharanb, Akash (2024) Assessment of factors leading to resilience among adults in violence-affected area of Kashmir: an exploratory study employing content analysis and best-worst method. Medicine, Conflict and Survival. ISSN 1362-3699 | 1743-9396 (In Press)

Ishchenko, Yevhenii, Rusnak, Alexander, Artemov, Volodymyr, Syniavskyi, Petro and Soroka, Iryna (2024) Psychological and pedagogical aspects of adaptation of students who received temporary shelter to the educational environment of another country. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 24 (1). ISSN 2158-3595

Jindal School of Banking & Finance

Shukla, Mudit, Tyagi, Divya and Pandey, Jatin (2024) Safety “works”: the influence of safety coaching on work engagement. Management Decision. ISSN 0025-1747 (In Press)

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

Chaudhry, Divya (2024) Climate change and health of the urban poor: The role of environmental justice. The Journal of Climate Change and Health, 15 (100277). ISSN 2667-2782 (In Press)

Jindal School of International Affairs

Behera, Anshuman, Nayak, Gaurav and Hari P., Shyam (2024) Making Sense of Nepal’s Nationalism: Implications for the India–Nepal Relationship. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs. ISSN 0974-9284 | 0975-2684

Chenoy, Anuradha M. (2024) Wars, geopolitical transitions and paradigm shifts. Economic and Political Weekly, 59 (4). ISSN 0012-9976 | 2349-8846

Jha, Saakshi, Bhushan, Sunny and Nirola, Nupur (2024) Is geopolitical risk always detrimental to economic growth? Economic Change and Restructuring. ISSN 1574-0277 | 1573-9414 (In Press)

Sen, Sweta (2024) Rebel network theory: The case of Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Conflict Management and Peace Science. ISSN 0738-8942 | 1549-9219 (In Press)

Sharma, Raghav (2024) Discerning Taliban 2.0 and Afghanistan’s political landscape. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs. ISSN 0974-9284 | 0975-2684 (In Press)

Jindal School of Journalism & Communication

Tomar, Sarika, -, Arundhathi, Gupta, Shikha and Sharma, Mansi (2024) Digital assessment: impact on student motivation, peer learning, group dynamics. Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn), 18 (1). pp. 9-17. ISSN 2089-9823 | 2302-9277

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Chaudhuri, Sriroop and Roy, Mimi (2024) A lost frontier or a new gateway to global climate action? The Afghan leadership and the revival of Afghanistan’s mineral sector. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs. ISSN 0974-9284 | 0975-2684 (In Press)

Oza, Ekta, Williams, Philippa and Kamra, Lipika (2024) Digital denizenship: Hindu nationalist architectures of digital closings and unbelonging in India. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space. ISSN 2399-6544 | 2399-6552 (In Press)

Pande, Rukmini (2024) “Get out of here you anti”: Historizing the operation of structural racism in media fandom. Feminist Media Histories, 10 (1). pp. 107-130. ISSN 2373-7492

Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling

Chawak, Shweta, Chittem, Mahati, Dhillon, Haryana, Huligol, Nagraj and Butow, Phyllis (2024) Development of a question prompt list for Indian cancer patients receiving radiation therapy treatment and their primary family caregivers. Psycho-Oncology. ISSN 10579249 | 10991611 (In Press)

Chawla, Raunaq, Soreng, Eric and Kumar, Avinash (2024) Waste management behaviour in the most populated capital city of the world. Management of Environmental Quality. ISSN 1477-7835 (In Press)

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