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Ahmad, Irfan, Chufal, Kundan Singh, Miller, Alexis Andrew, Bajpai, Ram, Umesh, Preetha, Dawer, Aashita, Tandon, Sarthak, Gandhidasan, Senthilkumar, Dua, Bharat, Bhatia, Kratika and Gairola, Munish (2024) Is it too early to recommend local treatment in oligometastatic NSCLC: a plea for equipoise. British Journal of Radiology. ISSN 0007-1285 (In Press)

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Book Section

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Book Reviews

Siddiqui, Nizamuddin Ahmad and Rajput, Diya (2024) Giorgio Fabio Colombo, Justice and International Law in Meiji Japan: The María Luz Incident and the Dawn of Modernity | Routledge, 2023, Pp. 134, ISBN: 978-1-032-24902-5. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Book review: Erich Schwartzel, Red Carpet: Hollywood, China and the Global Battle for Cultural Supremacy. [Book Reviews]

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Imperative fortification. Millenniumpost.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Live-in relationships: Is registration a progressive step towards making them socially acceptable. The New Indian Express.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Supreme court’s stalwart role as upholder of rule of law: A reflection on the Bilkis Bano case. News24.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Why India, with its huge backlog of unresolved cases, needs robo-judges. South Asia Monitor.

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