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Rafols, Ismael, Muthu, Madhan, Rodríguez-Gairín, Josep Manuel, Somoza-Fernández, Marta and Urbano, Cristóbal (2023) Why coverage matters: Invisibility of agricultural research from the Global South may be an obstacle to development. Leiden Madtrics.

Jindal Global Business School

Babbar, Karan (2023) Does India need a 'uniform national policy' for menstrual health and hygiene? The Quint.

Babbar, Karan (2023) How to improve period product usage rates. Hindustan Times.

Babbar, Karan and Ojha, Manini (2023) Contraceptive decision-making in India. Observer Research Foundation.

Chawla, Sonam and Drave, Vinayak A. (2023) Workplaces must support women in menopause. The Hindu Bussiness Line.

Dhaundiyal, Mayank (2023) Evolution of the MBA; navigating the future of business education in a digital and global landscape. Financial Express.

Dhaundiyal, Mayank (2023) Unleashing India’s potential; empowering workforce through online education. Financial Express.

Saha, Victor, Gupta, Biswanath and Das, Manish (2023) Can ONDC be the UPI moment for India's digital economy? South Asia Monitor.

Sharma, Shreya and Babbar, Karan (2023) Securing support for same-sex marriage in India. East Asia Forum.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Chinese tourism could boost global economy, but at what cost? Deccan Herald. pp. 1-2.

Thomas, Susan (2023) Regulatory Mandates On ESG Investing Fall Short Of Ensuring Impa. BQ Prime.

Thomas, Susan (2023) Rule change on debt MF taxation: Where does the burden fall? BQ Prime.

Thomas, Susan (2023) The problem of greenwashing in ESG investments in Finance. BQ Prime.

Jindal Global Law School

Anand, Harkirt Singh (2023) NCPCR moves SC against bail for archbishop & nun in MP ‘conversion of children’ case. The Print.

Basak, Poushali and Banerjea, Niharika (2023) Beyond marriage equality: How to redefine the family. The India Forum.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) Breaking barriers in education: Northeast women. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) Concept of face recognition technique. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) Enhancing security with AI: fraud mitigation strategies in Banking. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) Facets of Airline Laws: An introduction. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) The Navigating societal expectation : Womens , marriage, career choices, and autonomy in the face of traditional norm. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) New regulations for digital media: Enhancing accountability,transparency and responsibility. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) Social Media and data privacy: navigating the digital landscape. The Daily Guardian.

Bhushan, Tripti (2023) The impact of art on society: Role of art in shaping, culture , challenging, societal norms and sparkling social change. The Daily Guardian.

Bose, Avirup (2023) CCI must watch Meta’s Threads; unprecedented growth raises concerns over privacy and competition law in India. Financial Expree.

Bose, Avirup (2023) Where is corporate India in the marriage equality debate? Business Standard.

Bose, Avirup (2023) The pink rupee imperative. Financial Express.

Chadha, Vaibhav (2023) Discussing the discrepancies and errors in the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023. Live Law.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Balasore Mishap: Some Serious Soul Searching is Needed (Indian Railways). Times of India.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Complex legacy. The Telegraph Online.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) IMEEC can mark a new dawn for Indo-European civilisational history. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Katchatheevu: An unacknowledged Achilles’ heel of Indian (and Lankan) nationalism. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Odisha Train Tragedy: To heal our national distress, let there be a collective commitment to safety, accountability, equity. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Once upon a time, a train that linked India, Lanka. Financial Express.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Sherlock and India. The Telegraph.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) The battle of plassey: A Tale of Triumph and Betrayal. The Daily Star.

Chaturvedi, Aishwarya (2023) Legal and technical issues galore as esports continue to grow rapidly in India. The Wire. pp. 1-14.

Chaturvedi, Aishwarya (2023) Tackling cyber crime. The Statesman.

Chaturvedi, Aishwarya (2023) The rarest of the rare. The Statesman.

Chaudhury, Sarbesh (2023) Voter verifiable paper audit trail, tallying, and the supreme court. Bar and Bench. pp. 1-4.

Chauhan, Krishna Deo Singh (2023) Nurturing AI’s Potential: The Need for a soft regulatory approach in India. JICIL.

Correia, Kieran (2023) The law commission's report on sedition misunderstands what the courts said. The Wire.

Dalwai, Sameena (2023) Bar and bias: Whether it’s college or courtroom, law still a boys’ club. Times of India.

Dalwai, Sameena (2023) Policymakers must listen to women. The Indian Express.

Dalwai, Sameena (2023) Will India’s future generations forgive its decay into anti-Muslim hatred? Al Jazeera.

Dutta, Anindita, Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Artemis accords signing and chandrayaan 3 launch: Coincidence or diplomatic plan? The Geopolitics.

Gadkari, Ahan (2023) Environmental concerns in the Mediterranean sea: Pollution and climate change. Opinio Juris.

Gadkari, Ahan (2023) Significance of travaux preparatoires in interpreting the new York convention. Cambridge Core Blog. pp. 1-2.

Gadkari, Ahan (2023) Tearing down sexual freedom in Indonesia: Ban on any form of sex outside marriage. Human Right Blog.

Gupta, Akash (2023) Mobile Financial Services (MFS) regulation in Bangladesh. The Daily Star.

Gupta, Akash and Sheikh, Tarazi Mohammed (2023) Legal challenges of ADR in India and Bangladesh: A Comparison. The Daily Star.

Gupta, Biswanath and Mehrotra, Abhinav (2023) Xi Jinping’s US tour: A strategic move amid global political turbulence. The Daily Guardian.

Gupta, Swasti (2023) DPDP Bill 2022: Here's what the role of co-regulation in developing India’s privacy compliance and enforcement. CNBC.

Gupta, Swasti (2023) India’s digital future: Navigating cross-border data flows in the age of the fourth Industrial revolution. The Times of India.

Jain, Aviral (2023) UP EV POLICY- Drive into the future. The Daily Guairdian.

Jain, Dipika (2023) Her body, her choice: Why a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy must be upheld. The Indian Express.

Jaswal, Raushan Tara (2023) Automated facial recognition systems: not the win we were rooting for.

Kalidasan, Vinod Kottayil (2023) Professor Franson Manjali: A philosopher who contributed to creating an equal world. The Wire.

Khetan, Ashish (2023) Nagland civilian killings: By refusing sanction for prosecution of army personnel, government promotes a culture of impunity. The Indian Express.

Khetan, Ashish (2023) Supreme Court must use cases pending against UAPA to examine its scope. The Indian Express.

Khetan, Ashish (2023) Supreme Court verdict on UAPA is fraught with risk of making it legal for agencies to act lawlessly while claiming to fight terrorism and preserve State’s security. The Indian Exprees.

Khurana, Nakul Rai (2023) India dispatch: Canadian diplomat summoned by India government after Sikh independence supporters protest outside Vancouver consulate - JURIST. Jurist.

Khurana, Nakul Rai (2023) India dispatch: Law Commission report recommends retaining archaic penal provision amid calls for repeal. Jurist.

Khurana, Nakul Rai (2023) India dispatch: Supreme Court action on Manipur video depicting sexual violence against minority women prompts PM to break awkward silence. Jurist.

Khurana, Nakul Rai (2023) India dispatch: ‘people’s march’ planned to show popular solidarity with an Indian judiciary under increasing pressure from government. Jurist.

Kumar, Sanjay, Singh, Aditi, Singh, Kaushiki K. and Singh, Avika (2023) Congress’s online campaign more robust in Madhya Pradesh. The Hindu.

Mahaseth, Harsh (2023) Emerging fintech possibilities and impediments in the Southeast Asian economy. Blog LSE.

Mahaseth, Harsh (2023) Privacy and a public notice. The Statesman.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Adhikari, Dikshya (2023) Nepal takes a step toward LGBTQ equality. The Diplomat.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Adhikari, Dikshya (2023) Unresolved issues: Scrutinizing Nepal’s new transitional justice bill. My Republica.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Adhikari, Dikshya (2023) Why Nepal’s Supreme Court is wrong on child marriages and rape. Al Jazeera.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Chib, Sanjana (2023) The need for the next SAARC summit. Modern Diplomacy.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Dutta, Ishita (2023) The use of mediation by the family courts in India. Hindu College Gazette.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Soni, Ananya (2023) Does Neutrality Truly Exist? Understanding Whether a Nation Can Truly Be Neutral in the Present Day. The Geopolitics.

Maheshwari, Aditi (2023) Arm air with rights. Deccan Herald.

Makhija, Reva Satish (2023) Analysing “Dynamic+” Injunctions: Delhi High Court’s latest judicial invention. Spicyip.

Mandal, Konina (2023) Colonial to citizen-centric: Revamping India’s criminal justice system. The Sunday Guardian.

Mandal, Saptarshi (2023) Mumbai’s air quality plummeted this year. Will residents actually demand change?

Mehrotra, Abhinav (2023) Human rights obligations under climate change: Need for clarity. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Call for compensation. India Legal.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Can the ICJ inject humanity into the world’s most vexing problem? International Policy Digest.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Chandrayaan 3 triumph boosts India’s pride amid Russia’s Luna 25 setback. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Collective punishment as a violation of International Law: The case of Israel and Eritrea. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Inadequate assessment? Millennium Post.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) India and Canada expel diplomats amidst accusations, historical ties to Vienna Convention highlighted. The daily guardian logo.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) India shines at COP28: Green initiatives, climate justice and human rights in focus. First Post.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Indus water treaty issues & the way forward. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | China renaming places in Arunachal Pradesh undermines international law. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | Indian space policy 2023: Allowing private players in commercial activities is a promising move. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | Niger coup d'état: Implications for international law and the way forward. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | Refugee Influx From Myanmar Into Mizoram And The Possible Way Forward. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | Taliban’s war on Afghan women: A tale of gender apartheid. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | The need for regional human rights mechanism in South Asia. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | The ‘Debt Trap’ Diplomacy Card China plays in BRI and its consequences. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Opinion | UNSC permanent membership for India – Mission impossible? News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Pak economy’s collapse: India monitoring fallout. The Daily Guardian. pp. 1-2.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) SCO summit and power of India’s growing influence. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) UNGA adopts non-binding resolution for Gaza truce amid international law violations. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Vladimir Putin, the war criminal explained. International Policy Digest.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) What the adoption of UN security council resolution 2664 means for humanitarians. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Why China's expanding footprint in Bangladesh and beyond is a strategic concern for India. FirstPost.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) Why Myanmar must acknowledge existence of Rohingyas as community faces deeper crisis after WFP cuts funds for food. FirstPost.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) World is more serious about terrorism than before. The daily guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2023) The rule of Taliban: a no-women’s land and escalating civilian torture. The Daily Guardian. pp. 1-2.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Abortion as a human right. The Citizen.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) DV Act: men can be victims too as forms of gender violence differ in different social settings. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Harmonising equilibrium. Millennium Post.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) How SC verdict on Article 370 balances legal norms and political realities. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) India-Russia trade: 70 years on, ties still strong and growing. But a balancing act is needed now. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Loss and damage fund: A step towards addressing climate-induced human rights issues. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Navigating the geopolitical waters: India-Maldives relations in a shifting global landscape. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Neighbourhood watch opinion China Pakistan economic corridor human security threat Gilgit-Baltistan South Asia. Bigyack.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) the Ukrainian crisis and its impact on the European security governance and global legal order. Modern Diplomacy. pp. 1-3.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Unravelling the Israel–Hamas conflict: A historical overview and path to peace. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) When rights collide: Thengumarahada case shows the need for balancing animal and human interests. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Why India must make NHRC recommendations enforceable. AbP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2023) Women’s reservation: From colonial roots to constitutional progress. Abp Live.

Mehta, Tarini (2023) Reframing the law to recognise nature’s value. Code Blue.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2023) 5-Year extension to PMGKAY: An acknowledgment of India’s nutrition-access crisis. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2023) How Neo-Nationalism has fuelled the transformation of old welfare-state to new capital-state. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2023) In SC’s dismaying verdict, an illusive search for equality & legal recognition. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2023) Multipolarity and Apathetic Exceptionalism: Voting in the UN on Israel-Palestine. The Quint.

Moti, Shireen (2023) SC verdict on Article 370 settles J&K question. But it dilutes powers of states. The Print.

Moti, Shireen and Kumar, Dhananjay (2023) Paid menstrual leave is a win-win policy—make workplaces equitable, boost productivity. The Print.

Mysoor, Dolashree (2023) Lalbagh doesn’t read anymore. Deccan Herald.

Naren, Nikhil (2023) Barriers for India’s Legal Technology Awakening. The New Indina Express.

Naren, Nikhil (2023) Cybercrimes: Traditional crimes in new ways? Tech Observer.

Naren, Nikhil (2023) In an age of targeted advertising, do we need stronger regulations to protect privacy of netizens? The Indian Express.

Naren, Nikhil (2023) Perplexing touch of novelty. Millennium Post.

Naren, Nikhil (2023) Shedding the dichotomies. MillenniumPost.

Popovski, Vesselin (2023) How will the war in Ukraine end? Hindustan Times.

Purwar, Monisha and Pathak, Gaurav (2023) Twitter vs Threads: Why Musk may not win the battle against Zuckerberg. Indian Express.

Putra, Eka Nughraha (2023) Blasphemy cases highlight legal inconsistencies. Indonesia at Melbourne.

Raj Kumar, C. (2023) India at 2047; Building the future of legal education and legal profession. The Daily Guardian.

Raj Kumar, C. (2023) Protecting basic structure from judicial arbitrariness. The Indian Express.

Raj Kumar, C. (2023) UGC proposal: Why India should not outsource higher education to foreign universities. The Indian Express.

Rajamony, Venu (2023) G20 Summit: India gains at global stage, but so does PM Modi. Asianet Newsable.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) Bridge the gap with EU, UK on taxation issues. Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) India must claim damages for attacks on embassies. Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) International courts and climate change. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) Outlawing India’s tech tariffs. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) Prabhash Ranjan on India’s new stance on trade agreements: It takes India back to the pre-reforms era. The Indian Express.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) Some advice to India on the IFA negotiations. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) Why only appoint judges as arbitrators? Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) A big blow to India: Canadian court’s decision in Antrix-Devas matter shows the issue is far from resolved. The Indian Express.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2023) The crisis in international law. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Prabhash and Anand, Pushkar (2023) Challenges await India in decarbonising its economy. Hindustan Times.

Roychowdhary, Shrrijiet (2023) Transgenic animal patents: Harvard College vs. Canada. Tax Guru.

Saha, Victor, Gupta, Biswanath and Das, Manish (2023) Can ONDC be the UPI moment for India's digital economy? South Asia Monitor.

Saxena, Saumya (2023) India’s founders took a nuanced view on UCC. Hindustan Times.

Sharma, Aishwarya Pandit (2023) Erasing the colonial past, creating a new history. The Sunday Guardian.

Siddiqui, Nizamuddin Ahmad (2023) Opinion: decoding the alternative political vision offered by the Bharat Jodo Yatra. pp. 1-3.

Siddiqui, Nizamuddin Ahmad (2023) “The politics of methodology” and perils of implementing UCC in India. The Quint.

Siddiqui, Nizamuddin Ahmad and Dudeja, Lavish (2023) The continuing ambiguities in postgraduate legal education in India. Bar & Bench.

Sidhu, Sahibnoor Singh (2023) Bar council has more vital tasks at hand than making unsolicited on same-sex marriage. News Click.

Singh, Aishwarya (2023) There may be a silver lining in the Supreme Court’s marriage equality judgment. The Wire.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) By sidelining Li Keqiang, Xi Jinping will further marginalise the people of China. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Can China’s space presence alter current power balance? Deccan Heralad.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Challenges China’s declining population pose. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) China’s loan to Pakistan will directly impact India. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Exports, Infrastructure, and Real Estate: Deciphering China's Economic Slowdown. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) IMEC firmly places India on the global connectivity map. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Implications of China’s new Foreign Relations Law. Deccan herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) India-Bhutan relations: King Jigme's visit and the looming shadow of China. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) India-China Ties: After 19 Rounds of Border Talks, Why is There No Progress? The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) India’s soft power diplomacy at Pacific Island nations. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Is China sending a signal in replacing Qin Gang? Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Italy exits China’s BRI. Is it advantage India ? Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) On Bhutanese FM Tandi Dorji's Trip to China, and the Implications for India. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Sri Lanka is stuck in a vicious cycle of Chinese debt. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Taiwan: Political Rivals' Trips to China & US Highlight Cross-Strait Conundrum. The quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Will China influence Taiwan’s elections? Deccan herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Zero covid: to save face, Beijing retaliates on expected lines. Deccan Herald. pp. 1-2.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2023) Exigency for caste census in India. Youth Ki Awaaz.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2023) The Indian education system is devastating with Indian politics. Youth Ki Awwaz.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2023) The Need for laws permitting party manifesto challenges in the parliament. Youth Ki Awaaz.

Singh Anand, Harkirt (2023) After magistrate summons cop ‘300+ times’, Delhi court sets aside order — ‘must stop this practice. The Print.

Sinha, Samrat, Anto, C.P and Mohan, Deepanshu (2023) The burden of conflict on Manipur’s healthcare: An evolving humanitarian crisis. The Quint.

Sinha, Samrat, Mohan, Deepanshu, Mistry, Jignesh and Thomas, Ashika (2023) How an Indo-Bhutan border market has moved beyond narratives of conflict and security. The Wire.

Soni, Ananya and Mahaseth, Harsh (2023) The Poignant allegory of man, earth, and our addiction to greenhouse gases. International Policy Digest.

Sridevan, Srinath and Shankar, Aditya (2023) The freedom of speech and an ‘adolescent India’. The Hindu.

Steuer, Max (2023) Controversies over Slovakia’s new political cabinet. The Loop.

Steuer, Max and Malová, Darina (2023) To hell, on a white horse. Verfassungsblog.

Sur, Abhisek (2023) Between pause and pivot. The Hindu Business Line.

Thampi, Anjana and Anand, Ishan (2023) Mind the wealth gap, bridge it with wealth tax. Deccan Heralad.

Tokas, Siddhant (2023) Lack of substantial equality: Critical analysis of Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005. India Legal.

Tulsyan, Aryan (2023) Arbitration tech toolbox: The rawlsian ‘veil of ignorance’ and blockchain arbitration. Kluwer Arbitration Blog.

Tulsyan, Aryan (2023) Impact of the pandemic on Russian politics. The JSIA Bulletin.

Tulsyan, Aryan (2023) Marshal Islands v The World: A Case for Criminalizing Nuclear Proliferation ? Society of International Law and Policy.

Tulsyan, Aryan (2023) Resurrecting the clean hands doctrine and mapping its history at the ICJ. Opinio Juris.

Tundawala, Moiz (2023) Can 'Kesavananda Bharati' save India from becoming a Hindu Rashtra? The Wire.

Uma, Saumya (2023) What a Gender-Just Uniform Civil Code could look like. The Wire.

Uma, Saumya (2023) Why the 'Marital Rape Exemption' in criminal law must go. The Wire.

Upadhyay, Amit and Mehrotra, Abhinav (2023) Policing The Police: SC Call For 'Dependable Code Of Investigation' The Right Push For Reform. ABP Live.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) BJP demands its pound of flesh for Sengol installation. Deccan Herald.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Manipur may not recover from this indifference. Deccan Herald.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Modi regime is wrestling with democracy. Deccan Herald.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) New Parliament Building | A prelude to the inaugural. Deccan Heralad.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Opposition’s fate a litmus test for future of democracy. Deccan Herald.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Rahul Gandhi's labours of Hercules have just begun. Deccan Herald.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Shiv Visvanathan writes on tech layoffs: The real sadness is our entrenched silence to a tragedy. Money Control.

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Who’s afraid of Manish Sisodia? BJP, of course!

Zakaria, Nimmi Saira and Diwakar, Geetanjali (2023) The center has not only done a new name; When changing the law, we should know that the technology has also changed. Manorama Online.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) Amid Israel-Hamas war, what world can learn from India. The Asian Age.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) Bharat's unseen patriots: Igniting flame of nationalism and brave tales of sacrifice to secure India's Independence. Firstpost.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) Guardians of law and order: India's success story in curbing illegal immigration outshines France. Firstpost.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) How Khalistan terrorism in Canada can become a global threat if not contained. First Post.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) How abrogation of Article 370 has become an indelible chapter in Jammu & Kashmir's journey towards a new dawn. Firstpost.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) India versus Pakistan: Why terrorism and cricket cannot go hand in hand. Firstpost.

Zoariah, Zeba (2023) Lessons from Pakistan: Why we need to challenge misleading narratives of victimisation. Firstpost.

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Khetrapal, Neha (2023) G20 and feminist foreign policy: Improving multilateralism, the Indian way. T20.

Nair, Vipin Vijay (2023) Debating sensitivity and sanctity of the Juvenile Justice Act. News 18.

Sahni, Sanjeev P. (2023) Opinion | Impact of War Coverage and Visuals on Human Psyche. News 18.

Tandon, Bhavya (2023) Opinion | Why banning conversion therapy in India is not enough. News 18.

Jindal School of Banking & Finance

Ansari, Kashif (2023) Five factors that greatly affect your credit score. Live Mint.

Asrani, Chavi (2023) Budget 2023: Inclusive and sustainable growth for stable and developed India. MintGenie.

Ramachandran, Ram B (2023) The CBDC revolution: cashless future in India. Silicon India.

Ramachandran, Ram B (2023) Connecting billions: The backbone enabling digital financial supremacy. Asia Bussiness Outlook.

Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability

Chowdhury, Abhiroop (2023) G20 Summit: India’s presidency and the nuclear energy solution. Financial Express.

Kaur, Prabhroop and Singh, Govind (2023) Food supply chains must be reimagined to end hunger. The Statesman.

Kaur, Prabhuroop and Singh, Govind (2023) Why millets matter. The Statesman.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2023) US-China rivalry and the changing geopolitics of the Middle East. The Geopolitics.

Manish, Kumar and Pandit, Maharaj K. (2023) Climate change and water security in Asia-Pacific. Hindustan Times.

Manish, Kumar and Pandit, Maharaj K. (2023) A look at nature-based climate solution. Hindustan Times.

Pandit, Maharaj K. (2023) Climate objectives and challenges of India’s G20 presidency. Hindustan Times.

Singh, Govind (2023) Himalayan water woes. The Statesman.

Singh, Govind and Nambiar, Shamita (2023) GM crops need more research. The Statesman.

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

Babbar, Karan and Ojha, Manini (2023) Contraceptive decision-making in India. Observer Research Foundation.

Chakrabarti, Milindo (2023) Why limiting deliberations to tackle climate challenges to G7 or G20 groups reflect lack of global 'political will'. First Post.

Ghosh Roy, Swetasree, Kishore, Kartik and Nanda, Soubhagya (2023) Does social media mobilise Indian youth enough to act on political opinions? The Quint.

Killemsetty, Namesh and Adarsh, Dodda Teja (2023) Andhra Pradesh must finalise a capital city by 2024. None of the current options work. The Print.

Mathew, Meenuka (2023) The world needs local policies to address the global refugee crisis. Live Mint.

Menon, Rahul (2023) Are graduates facing unemployment? The Hindu.

Menon, Rahul (2023) Can dollarisation save an economy? | Explained. The Hindu.

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