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Centre for Writing Studies

Kapoor, Shivani (2024) Veg Only delivery? It’s not just about dietary preference. It’s how caste works, too. Hindustan Times.

Kapoor, Shivani (2024) Zomato and the persistence of ‘pure veg’ anxiety. The Indian Express.

Jindal Global Business School

Babbar, Karan (2024) How India's COVID lockdowns impacted menstrual health. The Wire.

Babbar, Karan (2024) How India’s COVID lockdowns impacted menstrual health. Down to Earth.

Babbar, Karan and Ojha, Manini (2024) What NFHS-5 reveals about menstrual health and hygiene practices. The Economic Times.

Ghosh, Sharmistha and Kaushik, Sumit (2024) Optimising agricultural prosperity: Embracing the theory of change framework. Business World.

Jayawardena, Nirma Sadamali, Thaichon, Park, Quach, Sara and Bandyopadhyay, Chinmoy (2024) Future of ChatGPT in marketing. Ceylon Today.

Jindal Global Law School

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Imperative fortification. Millenniumpost.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Live-in relationships: Is registration a progressive step towards making them socially acceptable. The New Indian Express.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Supreme court’s stalwart role as upholder of rule of law: A reflection on the Bilkis Bano case. News24.

Agarwal, Apoorv (2024) Why India, with its huge backlog of unresolved cases, needs robo-judges. South Asia Monitor.

Bhat, Mohsin Alam and Yadav, Aashish (2024) CAA will not help persecuted Hindus, Sikhs from neighbouring countries. The Indian Express.

Bhati, Harsh Vardhan and Ahuja, Kavia (2024) Bridging Science, ethics, and law: Animal personhood in India. IACL-AIDC Blog.

Bhattacharya, Shilpi (2024) A defense of ex-ante regulations and the Digital Competition Bill. Bar and Bench.

Chadha, Vaibhav (2024) New criminal laws: An era of accountability, transparency and justice. Firstpost.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2024) Katchatheevu controversy: Sound and fury signifying nothing. The Indian Express.

Davis, Michael C. (2024) What Article 23 means for the future of Hong Kong? Qrius.

Gireeshan, Sriram (2024) The undue influence of Industrial Disputes Act’s power of reference. India Legal.

Huchhanavar, Shivaraj S (2024) From transformation to dilution: The weakening of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act through judicial decisions. The Leaflet.

Kumar, Sanjay, Singh, Aditi, Attri, Vibha, Gupta, Vandita and Gupta, Naina Eve (2024) Analysis of campaign songs and newspaper ads of the BJP and Congress during Lok Sabha elections. The Hindu.

Kumar, Sanjay, Singh, Aditi, Nair, Anagha V. and Majumdar, Subhayan Acharya (2024) CSDS-Lokniti | Analysing the social media presence of the BJP and the Congress. The Hindu.

Kumar, Sanjay, Singh, Aditi and Sharma, Abhishek (2024) Unveiling the veil: expenditure disparities in India’s electoral system. The Hindu.

Kumar, Sanjay, Singh, Aditi, Sharma, Abhishek, Vahab, Hana and Majumdar, Subhayan Acharya (2024) Analysing digital ad campaigns during the silence period of the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections. The Hindu.

Mahanand, Jadumani (2024) The Death of a Dalit in a democracy. The India Forum.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Khatoon, Sadqua (2024) Enhancing India’s soft power through the prism of Buddhism. Hindustan Times.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Mahaseth, Mahi (2024) Madras HC suggests 1 percent horizontal reservation for transgender persons in TN. The Leaflet.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Mahaseth, Mahi (2024) Nepal’s need for more effective environmental laws and policies. OnlineKhabar.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Sharma, Anvita (2024) India's economic rise sparks demand for efficient dispute resolution: The evolution of institutional arbitration and the rise of India as a global arbitration hub. The Arbitration Workshop.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Vishwakarma, Jeetendra (2024) Age of consent in India: Understanding POSCO and the interpretation by the courts. Hindu College Gazette.

Manderna, Mohit Kumar and Vatsa, Kritika (2024) Beyond the silver screen: Uncovering the troubled system of the Indian judiciary with the film ‘Court’. PoliLegal.

Manderna, Mohit Kumar and Vatsa, Kritika (2024) There is no escape: Film review of ‘Fire’. PoliLegal.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Ceasefires in international law and the possible way forward. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) The Escalating Middle East Conflict: A legal analysis of state support and use of force. Modern Diplomacy.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Examining the intersection of women’s rights violations and international law: A Case study of Iran. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Non-State Actors in international law: Understanding the role of foreign terrorist fighters in the ISIS-Khorasan attack in russia. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Opinion | From peacekeeping to progress: India’s multifaceted contributions to the United Nations. FirstPost.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Opinion | South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel: The Role of International Court of Justice. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Opinion | UPI in UAE: The Changing Face of Cross-Border Payments. News 18.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Significance of India's election process as the largest democracy. Firstpost.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Gupta, Biswanath (2024) Upholding freedom of speech and democracy: A call for international action. The Geopolitics.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Bombay HC decision stirs a debate. There is need for explicit housing rights for senior citizens. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Complexities of hate speech regulations at international level: A comparative analysis. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Electoral Bonds: What the SC judgment means and how political funding is regulated in western democracies. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Evolving role of EC: Holding parties accountable for model code violations by campaigners. ABP.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) How to make films accessible for the disabled? What Delhi HC order means for India’s quest for equality. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Prospects of a Hamas truce and the Palestinian quest for UN membership. The Daily Guardian.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Sena Vs Sena: Tenth schedule is at the heart of Maharashtra political crisis. It is time for a rethink. ABP Live.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Women’s representation in Pakistan elections. The Daily Guardian.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Chakraborty, Samragnee and Singh, Amisha (2024) Budget 2024: On public healthcare access and mental health infrastructure. The Quint.

Moti, Shireen (2024) Passing of new criminal law bills: A missed opportunity for reform? Bar and Bench.

Naren, Nikhil (2024) Dark patterns: How design tricks manipulate users. The New Indian Express.

Naren, Nikhil (2024) Unravelling the Enigma: The quest for Sui Generis rights in AI creation. Law School Policy Review & Kautilya Society.

Naren, Nikhil (2024) The pitfalls of Ed-Tech startups in India. The South First.

Raghavan, R.K (2024) Dealing with ‘lone wolf’ terror acts. The Hindu Businessline.

Raj Kumar, C. (2024) Happy Birthday Kapil Dev: Leader in cricket, leader in life. The Indian Express.

Raj Kumar, C. (2024) Reimagine universities to tap India’s youth bulge. Hindustan Times.

Rajamony, Venu (2024) ICJ verdict in the Gaza crisis raises hope. The Week.

Rajamony, Venu (2024) Will South Africa’s case against Israel help end the war? The Indian Express.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2024) Investment lessons from the India-EFTA trade deal. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Prabhash (2024) Redefining the warrior — and remaking bunkers — to include women. Hindustan Times.

Sen, Nikhil (2024) Ayodhya Ram Mandir: The timeline from a conflict to a shrine. Indian Legal Live.

Sidhu, Sahibnoor Singh (2024) Farmers' protests: The Constitutional limits on the government's use of force. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) All eyes on China as Taiwan prepares for polls. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Beijing is aware of the bumpy ride ahead. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Bhutan Election: PDP’s win is good news for India but China remains ineluctable. TheQuint.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Can the Philippines resist Chinese aggression? Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Chinese interest in Teesta project has India uneasy. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) A Grim Picture for India in South Asia. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) In India and China's recent spar over Arunachal, infrastructure is the key. TheQuint.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) India's Indian ocean quagmire: The growing warmth between china and the maldives. The Qunit.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Maldivian foreign minister's India trip highlights region's geopolitical reality. The Quint.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Manila’s newfound resistance against Chinese aggression upsets Beijing. Deccan Herlad.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Pokhara airport creates an air pocket in Nepal-China ties. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Gunjan (2024) Space is becoming a global geopolitical theatre. Deccan Herald.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2024) Argument in favour of amending The 1951 People’s Representation Act. Youth Ki Awaz.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2024) Bridging the Gulf: Intellectual politics vs. ground politics in India. Youth Ki Awaz.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2024) The Weaponization of government agencies by empowered political partie. Youth ki Awaz.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2024) Why every citizen’s vote matters in the Indian Lok Sabha Election 2024. Youth Ki Awaz.

Steuer, Max (2024) Emancipation or silencing? The Slovak constitutional court will Decide. IACL-AIDC Blog.

Steuer, Max (2024) Heyday of autocratic legalism in Slovakia. Verfassungsblog.

Steuer, Max (2024) Slovakia risks heading back to the nineties. The Loop.

Tulsyan, Aryan (2024) Crossfire commerce : Analysing WTO’s security exceptions amidst middle east conflicts. Voelkerrechtsblog.

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Khetrapal, Neha (2024) Can museums be an integrative part of (feminist) foreign policy? Blog Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.

Jindal School of Banking & Finance

Asrani, Chavi (2024) India needs GVCs. The Hindu Businessline.

Kumar, Rajiv and Asrani, Chavi (2024) To bridge the great Indian divide invest in the resource rich east. Organiser.

Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability

Singh, Govind and Hussain, Saadat (2024) As crisis grows, time to revisit plastics policy. The Statesman.

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

Babbar, Karan and Ojha, Manini (2024) What NFHS-5 reveals about menstrual health and hygiene practices. The Economic Times.

Kashyap, Anchal (2024) Transformative shift in Himalayan agriculture: The decline of traditional farming in Himachal Pradesh. Hindu Post.

Menon, Rahul (2024) About unemployment in Indian states. Business News.

Menon, Rahul (2024) Analysing the rising gap in incomes. The Hindu.

Menon, Rahul (2024) On unemployment in Indian States. The Hindu.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Govindakrishnan, Aryan (2024) Consumption data indicates vanishing middle-class & struggling low-income class. The Quint.

Phadkule, Pratik (2024) Reducing air pollution in India: Need for a synergistic effort from state, market and civil society. DNA India.

Sarkar, Swagato (2024) How big money finances Indian politics. 360info.

Sharda, Divyanshi (2024) Decolonising foreign policy in the global south. Raisina House.

Sharda, Divyanshi (2024) East Kolkata Wetlands: Analysing the socio-legal protections in the face of rapid urban sprawl. Center for Development and Public Policy.

Singh, Gurpreet and Sharma, Nivedita (2024) What promises should Budget 2024-25 hold for agriculture sector? DownToEarth.

Jindal School of International Affairs

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Navalny’s death, a crisis moment for democracy. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) US preoccupation with Iran is to China’s benefit. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Why Modi towers over opponents in India's Elections | Opinion. Newsweek.

Chenoy, Anuradha M (2024) The Case of Genocide in Gaza by Israel and the International Court Of Justice (ICJ). Defend Democracy Press.

Chenoy, Anuradha M (2024) The Non aligned movement, neutrality and multipolarity. Defend Democracy Press.

Datta, Sreeradha (2024) Bangladesh: Another election, another fait accompli. Deccan Herald.

Datta, Sreeradha (2024) Opinion: India and US at odds over Bangladesh poll. NDTV.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) Hostage families see no benefit of military operation in Gaza. They are let down by Netanyahu. ThePrint.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) Joe Biden’s Catch-22 – his support of Israel and dislike of Benjamin Netanyahu. The Indian Express.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) Karpoori Thakur went to Israel in 1959 and lived in the Kibbutz. Nehru actively encouraged him. The Print.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) Netanyahu’s judicial review agenda has failed in Israel. And Hamas isn’t easy to defeat. ThePrint.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) War is politics: Why Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want a deal with Hamas. The Indian Express.

Jangid, Khinvraj (2024) With a hopeless war in Gaza, how anti-Netanyahu protests are giving Israelis agency. The Indian Express.

Kumar, Mohan (2024) The M&M factor in Indo-French relations. Hindustan Times.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) FTA with Oman likely: Catapulting Gulf-India synergies. The Rise.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Gulf’s Outreach to Africa: The Geoeconomics and Geostrategy of the Deepening Ties. The Rise.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) India's basmati rice exports at risk over Red Sea attacks. South Asia Monitor.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) India’s rice trade at risk in Red Sea attacks. DownToEarth.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) India’s rice trade at risk in Red Sea attacks. 360Info.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Iran vs Israel: What will be the economic impact of the conflict? DNA India.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Iran-US relations: A brief history of troubled ties in the past decade. DNA India.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Modi-Macron effect on India-France ties: The soft power dimension. DNA India.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) A Possible trump presidency: Impact on US-ASEAN ties. The Rise.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Saudi Arabia-Iran deal and the turmoil in the middle east. Modern Diplomacy.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Significance of BRICS expansion and what it means for India. DNA India.

Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) US Presidential election 2024: Joe Biden vs Donald Trump rematch highlights leadership vacuum in both parties. DNA India.

Misra, Jitendra Nath (2024) Explaining India’s stand on the Gaza conflict. Money Control.

Misra, Jitendra Nath (2024) Explaining the Maldives’ tilt towards China. Moneycontrol.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) The 16th Finance Commission must heed 3 principles to fix resource sharing between union and states. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Competitive welfarism: BJP and congress manifestos' vision for change. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Court deference and opposition indifference may allow CAA push to entrench Hindu majoritarianism. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) The Drowning Jewel: Tapestry of Dal Lake's decline and fishing community's struggle in Kashmir. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) A Gentle Giant | Indeed, History Will Be Kinder to Manmohan Singh Than the Media. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Interim union budget follows tradition of Modi government’s apathy towards most vulnerable. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) On MSP, Modi government must display maturity and give farmers their due. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Paytm's shares are rising but the regulatory crisis is not over. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Poll Bonds: As India's Electoral Democracy Remains Under Challenge, What Will Be SC’s Next Move. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) The 5 key aspects of congress party's Nyay Patra. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) Beyond the averages | A look at economic disparities within eastern India. The Qunit.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) Contrasting visions for women empowerment in India's 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) Lok Sabha Elections | Unveiling disparities within and across India's regions. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Govindakrishnan, Aryan (2024) Consumption data indicates vanishing middle-class & struggling low-income class. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Saqib, Najam Us (2024) 'The Dal is our life': In Srinagar, a fishing community's struggle for survival. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Saqib, Najam Us and Wani, Ishfaq (2024) Kashmir: The Plight of the Hanji community of Srinagar’s Dal Lake area. The Quint.

Nagpal, Sugandha (2024) Double income no kids: A cause for alarm than a sign of feminism. Firstpost.

Panigrahi, Manoj Kumar (2024) Troubled waters. Inquirer.Net.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Can sustainable cities coexist with nature? The Nusantara example. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Can terrorism ever be curtailed? The case of the recent Moscow terror attacks. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Challenges ahead after DPP win in Taiwan. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Cyber warfare, influence operations, and TikTok bans. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Do Xi’s plans for China’s economic growth imply a reset? Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Do women really hold up half the sky? Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Global trade versus economic nationalism. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Indonesia’s 2024 elections and the future foreign policy trajectory. Hindustan Times.

Pathak, Sriparna (2024) Usage of minilaterals to balance the rivalry between the US and China in Southeast Asia. Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) Emerging lessons from Bastar to counter Maoists. Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) Ending Maoist violence requires military action, and more. Hindustan Times.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) It is the conditioning of the Agniveer that merits attention. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) Marching ahead with technology absorption. The Hindu.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) The Role of leadership In the army, commanders lead by example. The Citizen.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) Why we must reassess emergency response in the wake of the Delhi school bomb hoax. Hindustan Times.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) India's neighbourhood woes: Friends on the fence? Deccan Herald.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) Mint Explainer : The significance of Bangladesh's election for India. Mint.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) Mint Explainer: The significance of Bangladesh’s election for India. Mint.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) Opinion | Sunak To Biden, No Incumbent Has It Easy This Year - Thanks To Economy. NDTV.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) Opinion | US Presidential Polls: Trump or Biden, India's Stakes Are Higher Than Ever. NDTV.

Roche, Elizabeth (2024) Opinion: Narasimha Rao recast not just India's economy, but foreign policy too. NDTV.

Singh, Purushendra and Maini, Tridivesh Singh (2024) Indo-Japanese para diplomacy bolsters Indo-Pacific ties, but can go further. South Asian Voices.

Jindal School of Journalism & Communication

Gupta, Trisha (2024) ‘Laapataa Ladies’: A tale of clunky feminism; a plea for a state more benevolent. The Indian Express.

Gupta, Trisha (2024) Raam Reddy: ‘Film itself is a character’. Mint.

Gupta, Trisha (2024) A captivating exhibition uncovers surprising links between theatre and nation building. Frontline.

Gupta, Uttaran Das (2024) 12th Fail: Great expectations, major victories. Business Standard.

Gupta, Uttaran Das (2024) Forest whispers: How Jharkhand's nature shaped Bengali poetry. Outlook Traveller.

Gupta, Uttaran Das (2024) Upamanyu Chatterjee’s latest novel departs from his humorous oeuvre, towards a search for a quieter world. The Indian Express.

Sen, Ruchira and Rajeshwari, T.S. Kavita (2024) DataViz: How much time do Indian women spend on self-care? IndiaSpend.

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Bilal, Maaz Bin (2024) Review: City on Fire; A Boyhood in Aligarh by Zeyad Masroor Khan. Hindustan Times.

Godbole, Avinash (2024) After the NPC: Where does China go from here. ISDP Voices.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Everything wrong with Modi government’s white paper on India's Economy (Part 2). The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Farmers' protest around MSP reflects a deep lack of trust in the government. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) India’s taxation needs structural reform beyond rhetoric on inheritance tax. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Three Charts: What the Modi Government wants us to forget before the 2024 Lok Sabha Polls. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Trucker protests are another instance of the success of street politics. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Why Southern States are unhappy with the Union Government’s Fiscal Federalism. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Chakraborty, Samragnee and Singh, Amisha (2024) Prioritising well-being and public health in the 2024 Interim Budget. The Quint.

Office of English & Foreign Languages

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Merit is the only means to make India a developed nation. The Times of India.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Need to be atmanirbhar in research publication to stem exploitation. The Times of India.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Ram Mandir: Cultural production or cultural renaissance? IndiaFacts.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Uncle Sam’s reveries. The Times of India.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Western media blitzkrieg against India’s Prime Minister Modi. The Australia Today.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) The murky examination ecosystem. The Times of India.

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