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Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Election setback will not sway Modi from agenda of change. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Chabahar is a metaphor for strategic autonomy. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Why Modi towers over opponents in India's Elections | Opinion. Newsweek.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) Navalny’s death, a crisis moment for democracy. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2024) US preoccupation with Iran is to China’s benefit. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) India becomes the architect of global change, confidence in multilateralism is restored in the international community. Post English.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) Facing China at Brics, India stands its ground. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) Wagner’s attempted coup flags risks for Russia’s strongman. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) Americans love Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategic clarity. News 9.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) India-US defence ties can be a game-changer. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) G7 and Quad are finally taking China head on. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) Pak’s terror factory is exposing SCO’s limits. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) India's re-emergence as a leader of global Buddhism. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) India-Russia ties are facing a long-term conundrum. Hindustan Time.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) The glaring paradox of Xi Jinping as peace mediator. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) How India can expand Hindi’s global footprint. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2023) Getting to peace in Ukraine needs wisdom. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Navigating a world of all-round weaponisation. Hindusatan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) After Tawang, prepare for more Chinese aggression. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Three top priorities for India as G20 president. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Ukraine: Putin is in an unwinnable quagmire. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) The liberal legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev. Live Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Why US-China tensions may lead to strategic instability. Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Remembering Shinzo Abe: The true legacy of Asia's radical conservative. Economic Time.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) BRICS shows its usefulness, despite clear limitations. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Counterpunch diplomacy. The Week.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Organization of Islamic cooperation dual character has not yet responded to the repression of Uighur Muslims in China. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Quad to increase strategic activity. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) The China-Pakistan alliance may lead to more violence, terror. The Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) India became a support for the political and economic instability of the troubled neighboring countries. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Dear West, We need their oil. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Crunch time: Narendra Modi's national security crises. Rupa Publications, New Delhi. ISBN 9789355202567

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) The world in the age of jungle raj. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) New Delhi’s stance on Europe’s crisis is just about right. The Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) Countering China’s ‘infowar’: India must think and act sharper. The Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2022) The last chance before the explosion : How both Israelis and Palestinians are creating a recipe for bloody violence. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) New Year, New Vision: In a world ravaged by the coronavirus, there is no other option but to build back better. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) What the world must learn from its mistakes this year. The Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) This war redrew South Asia’s map, and the reverberations are still being felt 50 years on. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Why India sees Russia as a unique partner. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) President Xi Jinping is becoming his own face Mian Mithu, got himself the status of a great personality, the threat of dragon increased. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) What did the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan Accomplish? The Diplomat.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Modi articulated the Global South’s position at CoP-26. The Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Terrible Jihadi wave in India's neighborhood, it is not easy to defeat religious hatred. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) 20 years on, why the Modi juggernaut keeps rolling in India. Newsweek.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Multilateral front is being prepared against China, India-US will play an important role. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) The first meeting of the Quad countries in Washington this week, the challenge will be to remove the contradiction. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) In spite of the spite: An Indian view of China and India in BRICS. Global Policy, 12 (4). pp. 519-523. ISSN 17585880

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Malabar 2021 and beyond: India’s naval pushback against China. The Diplomat.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Afghanistan’s boiling alphabet soup of terrorist groups: ISIS-K is an example of how the new instability is feeding several jihadist cells in the region. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Foreign Policy of Amrit Kaal: Foreign policy will bring color only when we are financially capable and help other countries. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Will the Taliban seize or squander its moment now that it’s back in control of Afghanistan? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) To take on China, rely on diplomacy and strong counter-measures. The Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Common concern and immediate challenge: China's cut is an issue related to India-US, but now it is more important to focus on Afghanistan. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) How a four-minister MEA could amplify India’s diplomatic power. Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) A century later, the Chinese Communist Party is at the crossroads. The Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Decoding the Washington-Moscow-Beijing triangle. The Hindustan Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Will Iran’s new president fuel conflict or make deals? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Biden’s Manichean vision. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) The case for social media to be closely regulated is clear. Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Western media bent on opposing India: The first principle of journalism is fairness, but the band of ideology has blinded the western media. Dainik Jagran.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Why the world is standing with us in our hour of need. Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Whose Israel and whose Palestine? Extremist are running amok as leadership fail. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) The limits of American liberalism : From vaccines to climate change the Trump effect continues to tie Biden’s hands. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) The mission in Afghanistan is far from accomplished. The Mint.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) India-Russia friendship is too pragmatic for US and China to ruin it. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) France and sailing toward the ‘Quad-plus’. The New Indian Express.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Taming the Dragon: General Austin’s India visit signals a rebalancing initiative. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Making Hong Kong China: the rollback of human rights and the rule of law. [Book Reviews]

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Vaccine diplomacy is India’s finest hour. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) After the Trumpian deluge, What? The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Indian-made COVID vaccines will save the world. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Beyond the RCEP : India matters in Indo-Pacific. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The ‘Quad’ is India’s Destiny. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The disunited states of America. The New Indian Express.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) For China, US election is a lose-lose affair. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Attitudes toward China harden worldwide. The Epoch Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) At 75, the UN needs a rebirth. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) If Biden wins, will US see a return to normal in abnormal world? The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Great power, little responsibility. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) A self-reliant foreign policy. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Crafting a brave new foreign policy that can take on Chinese hegemony in Asia: The onus is on Modi. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The club of virus deniers. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Who REALLY funded the Taliban to kill Americans? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Beijing’s violent rise must be checked. The New Indian Express.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The e-diplomacy experiment. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Winning compensation from China for coronavirus is a long shot. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Is India’s corona response model actually working? Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Print warriors on the corona frontlines: Why print media enjoys distinct advantages over purely web based content providers. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Why East beats West in the war against coronavirus. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Temples of critical thinking and debate. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Can globalisation survive the corona shock? Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Trump is Baahubali? Certainly the larger than life American president is a big draw in noisy and youthful India. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) Coronavirus is China’s huge political failure. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The final frontier: Bolsonaro’s republic day visit should spur strategic bilateral ties and open doors to Latin America. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2020) The centrality of Vietnam for stability in Asia. Viet Nam News.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ opportunity for India. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Balancing the strategic gains made with us. MINT.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Indian foreign policy: The quest for greatness. In: The SAGE Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy. Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, pp. 791-810. ISBN 978-1-4739-7799-0

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Trumped: emerging powers in a post-American world. Bloomsbury, New Delhi. ISBN 9789389165920

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Commentary: Why India walked away from Asia’s mega free trade deal. Channel New Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) How Modi government is using aggressive diplomacy to its advantage. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) India: The Western media’s infowar target. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) China & India aren’t best friends – but agreed strategic adjustment might prevent WAR between Asian superpowers. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) The Trump Modi tango: How the PM used Houston event to tactfully reset the India-US relationship. Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) India-Russia eternal friendship takes a Pacific turn. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Pakistan will regret stirring up Sikh nationalism in India. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Appointment of CDS will boost India’s national security and power projection capabilities. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Operation Kashmir: Has Modi checkmated Pakistan? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Global collaboration will improve India’s mitigation initiatives. MINT.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Cricket world cup highlights South Asia's fault lines. Nikkei Asian Review.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Discordant Notes: Naked pursuit of domestic interests robbing the G20 of its essence. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Modi doctrine 2.0: get set, go; sky is the limit. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Our racist sins. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Foreign policy gives Modi the edge in India's elections. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) How Modi shifted the India-Pakistan paradigm. The Diplomat.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) India versus Pakistan in the court of global opinion. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) A reset for India and Nepal. The Kathmandu Post.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Battle on many fronts. The Economic Times Magazine.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Victory strengthens Hasina's foreign policy hand. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2019) Hope, anxiety loom in 2019, as world on edge. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Huawei case is a clash of economic ideologies. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Brave new US Congress or same old hypocrisy? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Sri Lanka crisis: a failure of institution-building and nation-building. Bloomberg.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Jamal Khashoggi's tragic end is a wake-up call about the dangers faced by dissidents in exile. CBC News.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Can Trump Halt China’s Rise to the Top? Power Corridors.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Modi defies Trump to edge closer to Putin. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Hope and peril in the Maldives: Autocrat Yameen goes down to shock defeat in elections after attempts to usurp all power. Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Can democracy still deliver in a restless world? Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) ‘Two-Plus-Two’ doesn’t make four for India & the US. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Saudi Arabia is using Canada to test a wobbling international order. CBC News.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) A Turkish Sultan’s formula: Erdogan masters successful but dangerous populist recipe to win again. Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) India Is the Latest Front in Trump’s Endless Trade War. Foreign Policy.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Hardselling India, changing Davos. Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Battered Italy, bruised Europe: Italian saga reveals deeper problems facing EU. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Foreign Pulse: Israel, at 70, remains a restless warrior. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Trump Is Driving Xi Into Modi’s Arms. Foreign Policy.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Striking Syria: The true face of humanitarian imperialism. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Foreign Pulse: The ex-KGB spymaster who’s tamed the West. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Paradise burning: Turbulent road ahead for the Maldives. Bloomberg.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Foreign Pulse: Koreas’ Olympic thaw - Dreams of peace rise. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Acting East on R-Day: Why India now needs to extend its conception of neighbourhood from SAARC to ASEAN. Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Cementing the India-Israel bond. The Jerusalem Post.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) New global order takes shape, instability looms. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2018) Trump Serves Pakistan Notice, Enter China? Bloomberg.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) More risk-taking by Modi and long-term reforms on the cards in 2018. Today Online.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Foreign Pulse: The importance of being Iran. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) India reaches out to Asia's heartlands. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) It’s payback time for the empire. The New Indian Express.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) A jihadist Halloween in New York: Islamic State may have imploded, but IS 2.0 is spreading across the world. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Duterte shock threatens U.S. Asia influence. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) For Saudi women, a long way still to go. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) The international isolation of Donald Trump. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Winning in Afghanistan: Trump’s pipe dream. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) China-US ties: A roller-coaster ride. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) A Bastille day of mourning: Why France is reeling under horrific attacks by Islamist extremists. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) With PM Narendra Modi’s Israel visit, India crosses the rubicon. Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Why Modi matters to Israel : The time for shalom and namaste to converge is upon us. The Jerusalem Post.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Modi-Trump meet incites the dragon. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Panama's wake-up call for Taiwan. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Foreign Pulse: The ISIS mindset, and how it must be fought. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Cyberattacks send a wakeup call to Asia. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) South Asian satellite: A giant lift-off for regional integration. Today Online.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Turkey haunted by ghosts of the past. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Russia, ISIS and Trump’s Syrian U-turn. The New Indian Express.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Why India is so unhappy, and how it can change. Today Online.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) The road to impunity. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Amid the hype, the truth about Trump and Putin. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) India aims for global soft-power clout via Republic TV. Today Online.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Foreign Pulse: Will ‘new’ nationalism reverse globalisation? Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Trump’s foreign policy built on personal bigotry. Today Online.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) A new Asia emerges, one based on reaching out not facing in. The National News.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Tap the resources of our diaspora. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2017) Power and peril in the Asian century: prospects for stability. The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, 41 (1). pp. 79-101. ISSN 1046-1868

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Breaking the vicious circle of terror and violence. The Straits Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Trump's controversial call with Taipei. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) South Asia confronts Trump the unpredictable. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) How not to get Trumped. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) SAARC debacle highlights emerging new order in South Asia. Nikkei Asia.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) When Will Trump and Hillary Use the K-Word? Foreign Policy.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Foreign Pulse: In Syria, a Putin-Obama tango. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Modi doctrine: The foreign policy of India’s prime minister. Bloomsbury India, New Delhi. ISBN 9789386141156

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) As Turkey changes geopolitical course, will Syria begin to heal? Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) The dragon's exactions. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Russians & DNC emails: The joke’s on America. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) A new tryst with Africa. The Hindu.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Foreign Pulse: A shock for liberals. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Brexit: The sensational outcome is a slap in the face of liberals. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Fallen comrades. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Cuban revolution. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) A tale of two Republics. The Times of India.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) Republic of inspiration. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2016) El Chapo proves Mexico is failing. Aljazeera.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) India’s Modi comes to Russia - with love. Russia Today.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Foreign Pulse: Kyoto to Kashi. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Walk the climate talk. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) PM Narendra Modi’s second time in the land of Lee Kuan Yew. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Enabling Myanmar. The Asian Age.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Bonding over bonds. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Bully runs the school. The Asian Aage.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) Lions on the prowl. The Economic Times.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2015) The causes of mass suffering: Toward a structural responsibility framework. Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, 16 (1). pp. 7-24. ISSN 1538-6589

Chaulia, Sreeram (2014) Tribunal jolt to China a shot in arm for weak. Deccan Chronicle.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2014) Politics of the global economic crisis: Regulation, responsibility and radicalism. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138660212

Chaulia, Sreeram (2013) Book review: the group of Twenty (G20). [Book Reviews]

Chaulia, Sreeram (2013) Payback for colonial sins. Foreign Policy in Focus.

Chaulia, Sreeram (2013) Roots of social rebellion? Social movements. Foreign Policy in Focus. pp. 1-2.

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