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Anzi, Achia (2024) Settler mimicry: Colonization and decolonization through imitation. Palestine/Israel Review, 1 (1). ISSN 2834-4324

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Book Section

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Book Reviews

Agha, Ambreen (2023) Class, Gender, Race, and Muslimness in the production of Muslim South Asia’s Safarnama. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Knowledge Socialism: The rise of peer production: collegiality, collaboration, and collective intelligence. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Mahesh Datttani's Me and My Plays. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2022) A Noble King of Bidanuru by Basavaraj Naikar. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Roswitha Joshi’s Spaced Out: A Review. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2015) Shoes of the dead. [Book Reviews]

Muralidharan, Sukumar (2022) Silent subversions. [Book Reviews]

Tripathi, Sraddha (2023) Book Review | Indian English Fiction (2001-2020) : History and Reflections. [Book Reviews]

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2024) How Ruskin Bond made being Anglo-Indian a way of life. The Indian Express.

Gupta, Uttaran Das (2024) Upamanyu Chatterjee’s latest novel departs from his humorous oeuvre, towards a search for a quieter world. The Indian Express.


Baz, Antxón Alvarez and Jilani, D. Mohammad (2018) The learning of interculturality through cultural contrastive analysis between India and Spain. Discussion Paper. Cervantes Institute of New Delhi, New Delhi.

Conference or Workshop Item

Batra, Jagdish (2018) Contemporary Indian English fiction: need for direction. In: fifth international conference on language, literature and society, 19-20 Jul 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Batra, Jagdish (2017) Transforming culture: myth-fiction interface in the Indian context. In: Fourth International Conference on Language, Literature & Society 2017, 16-17 Jan 2017, Sri Lanka.

Batra, Jagdish (2016) Women's fiction: what's in the name? In: Language, Literature & Society: paper proceedings of third International Conference, 18th - 19th Jan, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.


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Jayaram, Rahul (2016) Man who hid in an aeroplane toilet. Hurst Publishers.

Puri, Tanessa (2018) Priye Laal Qila’: the selling of our history. Live Wire.

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