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Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Bhardwaj, Shikha, Pereira, Vijay, Giudice, Manlio del and Zhang, Justin (2023) Examining the failure of gamification in implementing innovation from the perspective of problematization in the retail sectors of emerging economies. Technovation. ISSN 01664972 (In Press)

Jayawardena, Nirma, Quach, Sara, Thaichon, Park, Ross, Mitchell, Weaven, Scott and Behl, Abhishek (2023) Organisational and regulatory strategies to combat false news circulation on social media. Journal of Strategic Marketing. ISSN 1466-4488 (In Press)

Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Pereira, Vijay, Jabeen, Fauzia, Jain, Kokil and Gupta, Manish (2023) Engaging and motivating crowd-workers in gamified crowdsourcing mobile apps in the context of logistics and sustainable supply chain management. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 02545330 | 15729338 (In Press)

Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Pereira, Vijay, Jabeen, Fauzia, Jain, Kokil and Gupta, Manish (2023) Enhanced permeability of cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membrane by incorporation of cellulose graft copolymer. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 1572-9338 (In Press)

Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Shankar, Amit, Gupta, Manish and Lang, Le Dang (2023) Gamification and neuromarketing: A unified approach for improving user experience. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 23 (1). pp. 218-228. ISSN 1479-1838

Jayawardena, Nirma, Thaichon, Park, Quach, Sara, Razzaq, Ali and Behl, Abhishek (2023) The persuasion effects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video advertisements: A conceptual review. Journal of Business Research, 160: 113739. ISSN 0148-2963

Behl, Abhishek, Sampat, Brinda, Pereira, Vijay, Jayawardena, Nirma and Laker, Benjamin (2023) Investigating the role of data-driven innovation and information quality on the adoption of blockchain technology on crowdfunding platforms. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 1572-9338 (In Press)

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Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Nigam, Achint, Pereira, Vijay, Shankar, Amit and Jebarajakirthy, Charles (2023) Investigating the revised international marketing strategies during COVID-19 based on resources and capabilities of the firms: A mixed method approach. Journal of Business Research, 158: 113662. ISSN 0148-2963

Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Pereira, Vijay and Sampat, Brinda (2022) Assessing retailer readiness to use blockchain technology to improve supply chain performance. Journal of Enterprise Information Management. ISSN 1741-0398 (In Press)

Behl, Abhishek, Jayawardena, Nirma, Pereira, Vijay, Tarba, Shlomo and Bamel, Umesh (2022) The role played by relational turbulence in managing agency problems among value chain partners in the sharing economy: A review of the antecedents, benefits, risks, and boundary conditions. Industrial Marketing Management, 107. pp. 39-51. ISSN 1873-2062

Srivastava, Praveen Ranjan, Eachempati, Prajwal, Panigrahi, Ritanjali, Behl, Abhishek and Pereira, Vijay (2022) Analyzing online consumer purchase psychology through hybrid machine learning. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 1572-9338 (In Press)

Verma, Deepak, Dewani, Prem Prakash, Behl, Abhishek, Pereira, Vijay, Dwivedi, Yogesh and Del Giudice, Manilo (2022) A meta-analysis of antecedents and consequences of eWOM credibility: Investigation of moderating role of culture and platform type. Journal of Business Research, 154. ISSN 0148-2963

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Ajgaonkar, Suchitra, Neelam, Netra, Behl, Abhishek, Dao, Le Trung and Lang, Le Dang (2022) Exploring human resource work design, learning mechanism and TQM: through the lens of activity theory and contextual learning theory. TQM Journal, 74 (1). pp. 70-101. ISSN 17542731

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Chavan, Meena, Galperin, Bella L, Ostle, Alexander and Behl, Abhishek (2021) Millennial’s perception on cyberloafing: workplace deviance or cultural norm? Behaviour and Information Technology, 41 (13). pp. 2860-2877. ISSN 0144929X

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Behl, Abhishek, Chavan, Meena, Jain, Kokil, Sharma, Isha, Pereira, Vijay Edward and Zhang, Justin Zuopeng (2021) The role of organizational culture and voluntariness in the adoption of artificial intelligence for disaster relief operations. International Journal of Manpower, 43 (2). pp. 569-586. ISSN 01437720

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Behl, Abhishek, Sheorey, Pratima, Jain, Kokil, Chavan, Meena, Jajodia, Isha and Zhang, Zuopeng (Justin) (2021) Gamifying the gig: transitioning the dark side to bright side of online engagement. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 25. pp. 1-34. ISSN 14498618

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Behl, Abhishek, Dutta, Pankaj, Luo, Zongwei and Shorey, Pratima (2021) Enabling artificial intelligence on a donation-based crowdfunding platform: a theoretical approach. Annals of Operations Research, 319 (1). pp. 761-789. ISSN 2545330

Kumar, Sachin, Panda, Tapan Kumar, Behl, Abhishek and Kumar, Anil (2020) A mindful path to the COVID-19 pandemic: an approach to promote physical distancing behavior. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 29 (5). pp. 1117-1143. ISSN 19348835

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