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Bhatt, Anar and John, Jannet (2023) Including farmers' welfare in a government-led sector transition: the case of Sikkim's shift to organic agriculture. Journal of Cleaner Production, 411: 137207. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0959-6526

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Book Section

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Book Reviews

Malhotra, Rajeev (2015) Erika K. Gubrrium, Sony Pellissery and Ivar Lodemel. [Book Reviews]

Sharma, Nivedita and Singh, Gurpreet (2024) Book review: Ashok Pankaj, Inclusive Development Through Guaranteed Employment: India’s MGNREGA Experiences. [Book Reviews]

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Bansal, Prachi (2024) A vegetable triumvirate, inflation and the takeaway. The Hindu.

Batra, Jagdish (2024) Western media blitzkrieg against India’s Prime Minister Modi. The Australia Today.

Bhasin, Siddhant (2018) Vouchers under GST : Navigating a grey area.

Bhattacharjee, Kishalay (2018) Just one citizen.

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, Roy, Mimi and Monga, Shreya (2016) How NRDWP is faring in West Bengal.

Mahaseth, Harsh and Goel, Gauri (2022) Has the time come for a dedicated Indian Environment Services within the civil services? The Leaflet.

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Mehrotra, Abhinav (2022) Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India: an overview. Observer Research Foundation.

Mehrotra, Abhinav and Upadhyay, Amit (2024) Evolving role of EC: Holding parties accountable for model code violations by campaigners. ABP.

Menon, Rahul (2024) About unemployment in Indian states. Business News.

Menon, Rahul (2024) On unemployment in Indian States. The Hindu.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Exit polls got it wrong because they ignored India's complex ground realities. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) India’s taxation needs structural reform beyond rhetoric on inheritance tax. The Quint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2024) Interim union budget follows tradition of Modi government’s apathy towards most vulnerable. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) Beyond the averages | A look at economic disparities within eastern India. The Qunit.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Desai, Aditi (2024) Contrasting visions for women empowerment in India's 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Quint.

Ranjan, Shashank (2024) Emerging lessons from Bastar to counter Maoists. Hindustan Times.

Roy, Swetasree (2024) India can do more to protect workers in war zones. 360info.

Sarkar, Swagato (2024) How big money finances Indian politics. 360info.

Sharda, Divyanshi (2024) Land reforms in India’s West Bengal: Through the lens of policy theories. Centre for Development Policy and Practice.

Singh, Saphal Harpreet (2024) The Weaponization of government agencies by empowered political partie. Youth ki Awaz.

Working papers (or Preprints)

Agarwal, Priyansh (2021) Tax administration in the times of an economic crisis, COVID-19, vis-à-vis India. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Bhaskar, Anurag and Kumar, Surendra (2022) Promotions, creamy layer, and the reservation debate (forthcoming, EPW). [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Gyanchandani, Vandana (2021) A balanced approach to privacy for Aadhaar: between privacy & convenience. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Khamroi, Anubhav (2021) Dead hand rule or constitutional guardian: a comparative analysis of judicially imposed limitations on formal constitutional change in India, Bangladesh and Israel. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Khetan, Raghav (2023) Have transplanted corporate governance standards been implemented effectively, or do they fail to capture the trajectory of specific corporate governance reforms required in India? [Working papers (or Preprints)] (Submitted)

Raj, Aniket (2021) CSR in times of COVID-19: notifications issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with regard to schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Sarkar, Swagato (2011) The Unique Identity (UID) project and the new 'Bureaucratic Moment' in India. [Working papers (or Preprints)]

Sharma, Devanshi (2023) Separation of Powers in India. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (Submitted)

Tewari, Tanvi (2021) Is the codification of the General anti-avoidance regulations (GAAR) in India a welcoming step? [Working papers (or Preprints)] (In Press)

Ubabukoh, Chisom Lotanna and Tampubolon, Gindo (2023) Covid-19 impact on food insecurity in Uganda: a dynamic analysis. [Working papers (or Preprints)] (Submitted)


Singh, Dhanraj, Mohan, Deepanshu and Agarwal, Aryan (2018) Guyana: taxpayers Pay Almost $1 Billion to financial waste and abuse at the ministry of public infrastructure over two years. Project Report. Guyana Budget and Policy Institute, United States of America.

Tewari, Saagar (2017) Debating Tribe and Nation: Hutton, Thakkar, Ambedkar and Elwin (1920s-1940s). Other. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

Conference or Workshop Item

Jangirala, Srinivas and Chakravaram, Venkamaraju (2021) Authenticated and privacy ensured smart governance framework for smart city administration. In: ICCCE 2020: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on communications and cyber physical engineering, 1-2 February 2020, CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


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Kotha, Ashrita Prasad (2017) Indian cess taxes: a call for accountability. Tax Justice Network.

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