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Book Section

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Book Reviews

Bhandari, Parul (2019) The making and meaning of relationships in Sri Lanka: An ethnography on University students in Colombo. [Book Reviews]

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Article in News Papers and Magazine

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, Roy, Mimi and Monga, Shreya (2016) How NRDWP is faring in West Bengal.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Gupta, Bhumika, Bhardwaj, Shikha, Lamba, Jasmeet Kaur and Singh, Anubha (2022) Dark Side of Industrialization on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change: A Case-based Approach. In: Academy for Global Business Advancement’s 18th Face-to-Face (in Person) World Congress, 2-4 Jul 2022, Istanbul.

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Lahiri, Amit (2018) The gaps in implementing CSR in India. The CSR Journal.

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