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Book Section

Batra, Jagdish (2021) Examining sex-culture dynamics: A plea for realism. In: Hermeneutics of the Body. Khalsa College Publications, Patiala, pp. 31-40. ISBN 9788126933433

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Book Reviews

Clammer, John (2018) The fabric of indigeneity: Ainu identity, gender, and settler colonialism in Japan. [Book Reviews]

Mahaseth, Harsh (2021) Simultaneous identities: language, education and the Nepali nation. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Mani Shekhar (2019) Book Review: Uwe Skoda and Birgit Lettmann, eds. 2018. India and its visual cultures: Community, class and gender in a symbolic landscape. [Book Reviews]

Unkule, Kalyani (2021) Transforming research excellence: new ideas from the global south. [Book Reviews]

Working papers (or Preprints)

Jacob, Merilin (2020) Shielding India's indigenous wisdom. [Working papers (or Preprints)]

Conference or Workshop Item

Batra, Jagdish (2019) The role of academy, media and politics in resolving cultural differences: a study of multicultural societies. In: Proceedings of the 46th International Academic Conference, Rome, May 27 - 30, 2019, Rome.


Clammer, John (2016) Cultures of transition and sustainability: Culture after capitalism. Springer, New Delhi. ISBN 9781137520333


-, Aditi (2019) Possibilities of Dara Shikoh: mythical foundations of peace. Romeshraj Trust, New Delhi.

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