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AlObaid, Abeer A, Shrotriya, Vipin, Sharma, Girraj, Nazir, Ghazanfar and Ul Haq, Zia (2024) Synthesis of template-free magnetite nanospheres fabricated on Sb2WO6 hierarchical structures for sunlight-driven photo-fenton catalysis of organic pollutants. New Journal of Chemistry. ISSN 1144-0546 (In Press)

Buchanan, Devan, Pham, Ashley M., Singh, Sandeep Kumar and Panda, Siva S. (2023) Molecular hybridization of Alkaloids using 1,2,3-Triazole-based click Chemistry. Molecules, 28 (22): 7593. ISSN 1420-3049

Jaya, Pillai S and Nair, Brijesh A.N (2022) Constructed wetlands planted with lignocellulosic grass species for wastewater treatment and biomass utilisation. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 26 (4). pp. 86-98. ISSN 09720626

Kauffman, Stuart and Patra, Sudip (2022) A testable theory for the emergence of the classical world. Entropy, 24 (6): 844. ISSN 1099-4300

Kumar, Mukul, Bhardwaj, Anshika, Elahi, Daniyal, Singh, Oinam Gobin, Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Gatasheh, Mansour K., Irfan, Mohammad, Singh, Nandini and Srivastava, Anirudh (2023) Counterion association of Ionic Drugs with Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate in the aqueous medium. ACS Omega. ISSN 24701343 (In Press)

Kumar, Mukul, Khushi, Kavya, Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Deb, Debojit Kumar, Khan, Javed Masood, Ahmad, Anis, Singh, Oinam Gobin, Singh, Nandini and Srivastava, Anirudh (2023) Binding and occupancy properties of gabapentin in mixed surfactant systems. Journal of Surfactants and Detergents. ISSN 1558-9293 (In Press)

Mishra, Ajai Kumar, Gupta, Tarun, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar, Shrivastava, S.K., Srivastava, Ankit K and Saxena, Swasti (2023) Chemiresistive sensors applications of bio-polymer nanocomposites. European Chemical Bulletin, 12 (5). pp. 4204-4218. ISSN 2063-5346

Srivastava, Anirudh, Kumar, Mukul, Devi, Doli, Khan, Javed Masood and Singh, Sandeep Kumar (2024) Investigation of the effect of poly (sodium styrene sulfonate) on sodium glycodeoxycholate and sodium tetradecyl sulfate mixed micelle. Colloid and Polymer Science. ISSN 0303-402X (In Press)

Srivastava, Ankit K, Gupta, Tarun, Kaushal, Ashish Kumar, Dhiraj, Kumar, M S, Girish and Saxena, Swasti (2023) Target and inhibitors for sars-cov-2 with its treatment opportunities: A theoretical study. European Chemical Bulletin, 12 (05). pp. 4219-4234. ISSN 2063-5346

Tyagi, Renu, Tungdim, Mary Grace, Dhall, Meenal, Gupta, Urvashi, Devi, Surmala and Kapoor, Anuj Pal (2022) Nutrition, physical activity and psychological status during lockdown due to covid-19. Acta Scientiarum - Health Sciences, 44. ISSN 1807-8648

Yadav, Sandeep, Sewariya, Shubham, Babu Singh, Madhur, Sachdeva, Bhoomi, Singh, Prashant, Chandra, Ramesh, Kukreity, Srikant, Singh, Sandeep Kumar and Kumari, Kamlesh (2024) Employing spectroscopic, electrochemical, and In Silico research to investigate the interaction of Ofloxacin, antibacterial drug with the haemoglobin. ChemistrySelect, 9 (20). ISSN 2365-6549

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