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Alex, Dony (2021) Anchoring of inflation expectations in large emerging economies. Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 23: e00202. ISSN 17034949

Anzi, Achia (2021) Migration, exile, and homecoming in the book of Ruth. Open Theology, 7 (1). pp. 514-530. ISSN 23006579

Anzi, Achia (2021) The ambivalence of borders: map art through the lens of North-East Indian artists. Jindal Global Law Review, 12 (1). pp. 117-137. ISSN 09752498

Bhandari, Riddhi (2021) Talking crime and aggression: Tourism and governance in Agra, India. South Asia: Journal of South Asia Studies, 44 (4). pp. 721-738. ISSN 856401

Bharadwaj, Gargi and Mahanta, Upasana (2021) Space, time and the female body: New Delhi on foot at night. Gender, Place and Culture, 29 (9). 1209 -1228. ISSN 0966369X

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, Parakh, Dishant, Roy, Mimi and Kaur, Harnoor (2021) Groundwater-sourced irrigation and agro-power subsidies: Boon or bane for small/marginal farmers in India? Groundwater for Sustainable Development, 15: 100690. ISSN 2352801X

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, Roy, Mimi, McDonald, Louis M. and Emendack, Yves (2021) Coping behaviours and the concept of time poverty: a review of perceived social and health outcomes of food insecurity on women and children. Food Security, 13 (4). pp. 1049-1068. ISSN 18764517

Chaudhuri, Sriroop, Roy, Mimi, McDonald, Louis M. and Emendack, Yves (2021) Reflections on farmers’ social networks: a means for sustainable agricultural development? Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23 (3). pp. 2973-3008. ISSN 1387585X

Clammer, John (2021) Can art embody truth? Ethics, aesthetics and Gandhi. Social Change, 51 (1). pp. 92-103. ISSN 490857

Clammer, John and Byrne, Matthew (2021) The village says “No”: why online ADR is not (yet) working in rural India. Law Technology and Humans, 3 (1). pp. 133-147. ISSN 2652-4074

Duvendack, Maren and Sonne, Lina (2021) Responding to the multifaceted COVID-19 crisis: The case of Mumbai, India. Progress in Development Studies, 21 (4). pp. 361-379. ISSN 14649934

Emile, Renu, Belk, Russell W. and Clammer, John (2021) Localizing taste: using metaphors to understand loctural consumptionscapes. Food, Culture and Society, 24 (3). pp. 431-445. ISSN 15528014

Faruqui, Neha, Raman, VR, Shiv, Jeevika, Chaturvedi, Sonam, Muzumdar, Maitree and Prasad, Vandana (2021) Informal collectives and access to healthcare during India's COVID-19 second wave crisis. BMJ Global Health, 6 (7): e006731. pp. 1-5. ISSN 20597908

Goyal, Yugank and Heine, Klaus (2021) Why do informal markets remain informal: the role of tacit knowledge in an Indian footwear cluster. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 31 (2). pp. 639-659. ISSN 9369937

Gyan Pandey, Siddhi (2021) A model of signed network formation with heterogeneous players. Research in Economics, 75 (1). pp. 119-128. ISSN 1090-9451

Haag, Christophe, Bellinghause, Lisa and Jilinskaya-Pandey, Mariya (2021) QEPro: An ability measure of emotional intelligence for managers in a French cultural environment. Current Psychology. ISSN 10461310 (In Press)

Kamra, Lipika (2021) The politics of hopeful citizenship: Women, counterinsurgency and the state in eastern India. Critique of Anthropology, 41 (1). pp. 88-107. ISSN 0308275X

Kamra, Lipika and Khatri, Sneha (2021) The pandemic in the periphery of Delhi: Covid-19 and boundary (re)making in peri-urban India. City and Society, 33 (2). pp. 1-10. ISSN 8930465

Lee, Nick, Chatzisarantis, Nikos and McMahon, Ashley (2021) Impact of naturalistic and urban environment on mindfulness practice in reducing rumination. Advanced Research in Psychology. pp. 1-10.

Midha, Shefali and Kanwar, Mitika (2021) Bored vs. Engaged individuals during COVID-19 lockdown period. Psychology and Education Journal, 58 (4). pp. 2741-2752. ISSN 15536939

Padmanabhan, Abhinav, Raza, Mohd Rameez, Chouhan, Sameeksha, Nagar, Ada, Kashyap, Krishanu, Fernandes, Wynnona and Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Indian secularism: Adjective or necessity? Conversations in Development Studies Journal, 3 (3). ISSN 2249-8045

Book Section

Clammer, John (2021) Spiritual pragmatism and an economics of solidarity. In: Pragmatism, Spirituality and Society. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, pp. 135-145. ISBN 9789811571145

Dhar, Nandini (2021) The new creative writing classroom of India: The client-student, structures of privilege, and the spectre of privatisation. In: Teaching Creative Writing in Asia. Routledge, London, pp. 70-83. ISBN 9781003133018

Ganguly, Sriti (2021) In the pursuit of middle-classness: Exploring the aspirations and strategies of the urban poor in neoliberal Delhi. In: Beyond Consumption: India’s New Middle Class in the Neo-Liberal Times. Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 96-112. ISBN 978-100043944-1

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Governing dynamics of a changing global economic order: The case for emerging economies. In: Handbook of BRICS and Emerging Economies. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 980-1001. ISBN 9780198827535

Book Reviews

Lobo, Michele, Bonnerjee, Jayani J., Wilson, Helen F., Fincher, Ruth, Iveson, Kurt, Leitner, Helga and Preston, Valerie (2021) Together in difference: a review symposium on everyday equalities: Making multicultures in settler colonial cities, by Ruth Fincher, Kurt Iveson, Helga Leitner and Valerie Preston. [Book Reviews]

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Chaturvedi, Sonam and Prasad, Vandana (2021) Coming together to fill the gaps in an inequitable crisis: A story from the second wave of COVID-19 in India. BMJ Global Health Blog. pp. 1-3.

Chowdhury, Abhiroop, Naz, Aliya and Rosencranz, Armin (2021) Hydrocarbon conflicts behind environmental degradation. The Statesman. p. 1.

Godbole, Avinash (2021) Understanding the Chinese Communist Party at 100. The Week Magazine.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Ascent in Tokyo, descent in Delhi. Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Bengal polls, Kumbh mela & more: We get the India we deserve. Abp News Blog.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Finished by Fatalism. Deccan Herald. pp. 1-3.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Its own enemy: The Indian state. Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Jaitley’s jugaad, Bedi’s dissent. Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Rajinikanth & the twilight of superstardom: Where goes cinematic superstardom from here? ABPLive Blog.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Shouldn’t Delhi Police be punished? Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) There’s hope for rural North India. Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) What stops former cops from naming names? Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) Why Teju Cole’s ‘Open City’, published ten years ago, is a liberal arts and humanities novel. Scroll.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) With a leadership like this, who needs enemies? Deccan Herald.

Jayaram, Rahul (2021) The plunge of Indian English cricket broadcasting. Deccan Herald.

Kadambi, Rajeev (2021) Courts must understand that ‘live-in’ relationships don’t need to conform to norms of marriage. The Indian Express. pp. 1-3.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Blunting the economic impact of the second wave of COVID-19 With a 3, 6, 9-month plan. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Budget 2021: Nirmala Sitharaman's 'stress test' and macroeconomic challenges ahead. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Diagnosing India's inflationary signals right. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Economic reforms: The widening gulf between hope and reality. Deccan Herald.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) If India aims to contain inflation, it can’t rely on the standard monetary policy toolkit.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) In discussions about Covid-19 vaccine patent waivers, social utility factors should be prioritised. Scroll. pp. 1-5.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Independence day: What India really needs from its leaders.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) India’s nutrition crisis has widened during the pandemic - especially for women and children.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Joe Biden’s Afghanistan blunder blemishes his long commitment to human rights. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Key economic lessons learnt from the West Bengal, Kerala electoral results. pp. 1-5.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Locked down by the pandemic, culturally important nomadic communities struggle to survive. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Sitharaman's ‘pro-growth’ budget misses a few thorns in the Indian economy. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Towards the remaking of a new consensus: 'bidenomics' offers key lessons for India. News18.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Union budget 2021: Levy a covid tax on the ultra-rich, put money in the hands of lower income class.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) Why all universities should be teaching the Constitution. Live Mint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) The function of a university in times of a learning crisis. Live Mint.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) The need for a new ‘knowledge sharing’ compact. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) The pandemic has yet again exposed Modi's insidious politics of 'narrative control'. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) The ‘social utility’ considerations attached with Biden’s support for IP waiver. The Wire. pp. 1-4.

Mohan, Deepanshu (2021) The ‘thorns’ that still afflict India’s economy. Deccan Herald.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Mistry, Jignesh (2021) Anchored in the barren: The case of Pune’s Janata Vasahat. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Mistry, Jignesh, Singh, Advaita, Mishra, Sunanda and Agarwal, Shivani (2021) Travails of ASHA workers during COVID-19 call for renewed focus on public health. The Wire.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Mistry, Jignesh, Singh, Advaita and Sreedhar, Snehal (2021) How daily wage workers in India suffered in the lockdown : and continue to struggle months later. Scroll.

Mohan, Deepanshu, Padmanabhan, Abhinav and Kennedy, Kensiya (2021) The shades of populism in Narendra Modi's politics of infrastructure. The Wire. pp. 1-6.

Mohan, Deepanshu and Singh, Advaita (2021) Hard-up households face an impending crisis of debt. Live Mint.

Naz, Aliya, Chowdhury, Abhiroop and Rosencranz, Armin (2021) Corn cultivation disrupts the global ecosystem. The Statesman.

Conference or Workshop Item

Soroka, Iryna and Tekchandani, Rahul (2021) Psychobiography as a scientific method. In: Actual trends of modern scientific research: Abstracts of VII International Scientific and Practical Conference, February 14-16, 2021, Munich, Germany.

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