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Chatterjee, Arup K. (2024) Mythologizing late victorian tea advertising: the case of the illustrated London news (1890–1900). History of Retailing and Consumption. pp. 1-40. ISSN 2373-518X

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Jiddu Krishnamurti and the Problem of Conscience. Implicit Religion, 24 (3-4): 2021. pp. 443-470. ISSN 1743-1697

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Chatterjee, Arup K. (2018) Interview with Will Self. Writers in Conversation, 5 (1). ISSN 2203-4293

Book Section

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2020) Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes: The gastromythology of the godfather trilogy. In: Food Culture Studies in India. Springer, Singapore, pp. 67-83. ISBN 9789811552540

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2024) Katchatheevu controversy: Sound and fury signifying nothing. The Indian Express.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Complex legacy. The Telegraph Online.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Once upon a time, a train that linked India, Lanka. Financial Express.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) IMEEC can mark a new dawn for Indo-European civilisational history. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Katchatheevu: An unacknowledged Achilles’ heel of Indian (and Lankan) nationalism. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Sherlock and India. The Telegraph.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) The battle of plassey: A Tale of Triumph and Betrayal. The Daily Star.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Balasore Mishap: Some Serious Soul Searching is Needed (Indian Railways). Times of India.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2023) Odisha Train Tragedy: To heal our national distress, let there be a collective commitment to safety, accountability, equity. Money Control.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2022) The History of India and Indian Poisons are Key to Understanding Sherlock Holmes. University of Toronto Press.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2022) 6 Indians who helped make London the city it is today. Londonist.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2022) Do “reel villages” in cinema show real rural India? Village Sqaure.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2022) The Gastromythology of English tea culture :On the UKTC’s advertisements and making tea a “fact” of English life. UTPJ Blogs.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2022) Tea Tales – India’s ever evolving chai culture. Village Square.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2021) Sherlock Holmes and the Spectre of India: The Adventures of Devil’s Foot Root. The Wire.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2021) William Shakespeare’s family in Calcutta. Untold Live Blog.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2021) BR Ambedkar in London: A thesis completed, a treaty concluded, a ‘bible’ of India promised. Scroll .in.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2020) Who was Anthony Firinghee? Remembering the Portuguese-origin singer who is part of Bengali folklore. Scroll.In.

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2017) The ghosts of a literary Indian hill-station that haunt the writers of the present. The Conversation.


Chatterjee, Arup K. (2024) Adam’s bridge : Sacrality, performance, and heritage of an oceanic marvel. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781003320197

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2021) Indians in London: From the birth of the East India Company to independent India. Bloomsbury, New Delhi. ISBN 9789389449174

Chatterjee, Arup K. (2018) The great Indian railways: A cultural biography. Bloomsbury. ISBN 9789388414227

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