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Bharadwaj, Ashish and Kaushik, Parishti (2022) Which way are cryptocurrencies headed? Hindustan Times.

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2022) Courts must take a holistic view of the economy. Hindusatn Times.

Bharadwaj, Ashish, Devaiah, Vishwas H. and Gupta, Indranath (2021) Locating Legal Certainty in Patent Licensing. Springer, Singapore. ISBN 9789811965357

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2021) The TRIPS waiver paradox: what does it mean for India’s COVID-19 vaccine race. Financial Express. pp. 1-3.

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Jain, Srajan (2020) A comparative study of the evolving jurisprudence on standard essential patent licensing. Journal of World Intellectual Property, 23 (3). pp. 310-327. ISSN 14222213

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Jain, Srajan (2019) Philips v Bansal and Bhagirathi Electronics: India’s first decision on the infringement of a standard essential patent. Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 9 (3). pp. 346-350. ISSN 2045-9807

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2018) Enhancing India’s competitive edge.

Raj Kumar, C. and Bharadwaj, Ashish (2018) Empowering existing institutes holds the key to creating institutes of eminence.

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Yoshioka-Kobayashi, Tohru (2018) Regulating standard essential patents in implementer-oriented countries: Insights from India and Japan. In: Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology. Springer, Singapore, pp. 183-207. ISBN 9789811312328

Bharadwaj, Ashish, Singh, Manveen and Jain, Srajan (2018) All good things mustn’t come to an end: Reigniting the debate on patent policy and standard setting. In: Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology. Springer, Singapore, pp. 85-116. ISBN 9789811312328

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2018) Environmental regulations and innovation in advanced automobile technologies Perspectives from Germany, India, China and Brazil. Springer, Singapore. ISBN 978981106952-9

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Nayak, Natasha (2018) Japanese and the European approach in facilitating future SEP licensing. JIRICO Brief, 1 (4). pp. 1-6.

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2018) A note on the neglected issue of reverse patent holdup. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 13 (7). pp. 555-563. ISSN 17471540

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Singh, Manveen (2018) Wipin the dust off antitrust: The long awaited enforcement shift, and it's impact on high-technology innovation. JIRICO Brief, 1 (3). pp. 1-7.

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2018) Look for proof.

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Verma, Dipinn (2018) Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up: Implication of Huawei/ZTE framework (CJEU 2015) in Europe. The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law. pp. 1-23.

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Singh, Manveen (2018) A single spark can start a Prairie Fire: Implications of the 2015 amendments to IEEE-SAs patent policy. Capital University Law Review, 46 (4). pp. 583-608.

Bharadwaj, Ashish, Devaiah, Vishwas H. and Gupta, Indranath (2017) Introduction. In: Complications and quandaries in the ICT sector: Standard essential patents and competition issues. Springer Nature, Singapore, xix-xxiv. ISBN 9789811060113

Bharadwaj, Ashish, Gupta, Indranath and Tripathy, Sunita (2017) Introduction to the JGLR special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues: global developments and perspectives. Jindal Global Law Review, 8 (2). pp. 117-125. ISSN 0975-2498

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Verma, Dipinn (2017) China’s first injunction in standard essential patent litigation. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 12 (9). pp. 717-719. ISSN 17471532

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2017) Patent injunction and the public interest in India. European Intellectual Property Review, 40 (1). pp. 54-57. ISSN 0142-0461

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2016) Delhi High Court partially vacates interim injunction with respect to Ericsson’s 3G SEPs. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 11 (12). pp. 873-875. ISSN 1747-1540

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2016) Safeguarding confidential business information is not anti-competitive.

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2016) Is the SEP, FRAND debate a battle of diverse business models?

Kumar, M and Bharadwaj, Ashish (2016) Psychology of innovation: Innovating human psychology? In: Technological and Institutional Innovations for Marginalized Smallholders in Agricultural Development. Springer, Cham, pp. 65-80. ISBN 9783319257181

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Gupta, Indranath (2016) Phones that are too smart for the law.

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Banerjee, Arpan (2015) IPR education in India. [Working papers (or Preprints)]

Bharadwaj, Ashish and Srivastava, Anamika (2015) Is the policy focus shifting from school education to higher education in India? Ideas for India, India.

Bharadwaj, Ashish (2015) Technological and socio-economic issues in the global automobile industry. Transportation in Developing Economies, 1. pp. 33-39. ISSN 2199-9295

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