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Kipgen, Nehginpao (2021) Indonesia: A reluctant participant in the south China sea disputes. Strategic Analysis, 45 (2). pp. 116-127. ISSN 9700161

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2021) The 2020 Myanmar election and the 2020 coup: Deepening democracy or widening division? Asian Affairs, 52 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 3068374

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2020) COVID-19 pandemic and racism in the United States and India. Economic and Political Weekly, 55 (23). pp. 21-26. ISSN 129976

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2020) India–ASEAN relations: the initiatives, successes, and challenges. India Review, 19 (3). pp. 207-222. ISSN 14736489

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2019) The Rohingya crisis: The centrality of identity and citizenship. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 39 (1). pp. 61-74. ISSN 1469-9591

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2018) The quest for federalism in Myanmar. Strategic Analysis, 42 (6). pp. 612-626. ISSN 09700161

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2018) Asean and China in the south china sea disputes. Asian Affairs, 49 (3). pp. 433-448. ISSN 03068374

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2017) Militarization of politics in Myanmar and Thailand. International Studies, 53 (2). pp. 153-172. ISSN 0020-8817

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2016) Decoding Myanmar's 2015 Election. Asian Affairs, 47 (2). pp. 215-233. ISSN 1477-1500

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2016) Decoding Myanmar’s 2015 Election. Asian Affairs, 47 (2). pp. 215-233. ISSN 0306-8374

Book Section

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2021) Ethnic minorities and Myanmar’s democratization. In: Ethnic and religious diversity in Myanmar. Bloomsbury Publishing, London, pp. 36-49. ISBN 9781350187412

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2019) Act East policy and the importance of Myanmar and Northeast India region. In: India and Myanmar Borderlands: Ethnicity, Security and Connectivity. 1st ed. Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 159-173. ISBN 9780429346361

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2019) Territoriality, ethnic contestation and insurgency in the Indo–Myanmar borderland. In: India and Myanmar Borderlands: Ethnicity, Security and Connectivity. 1st ed. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 79-97. ISBN 9780429346361

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2019) Consensual political transition in Myanmar and the Rohingya conundrum. In: The Rohingya refugee crisis: towards sustainable solutions. Centre for Genocide Studies, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, pp. 149-170. ISBN 9789843471314

Book Reviews

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2018) Conflict in Myanmar: War, politics, religion. [Book Reviews]

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2017) Burma/Myanmar—Where Now?, edited by Mikael Gravers and Flemming Ytzen. [Book Reviews]

Article in News Papers and Magazine

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2021) Why a military coup cannot be the solution in Myanmar. Channel News Asia.

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2020) Myanmar must not disenfranchise minority voters. Aljazeera.

Kipgen, Nehginpao and Nagal, Vikas (2020) US-China tech war is headed for digital decoupling. The Korea Times.

Kipgen, Nehginpao and Dikshit, Shivangi (2020) Why it's imperative that India and Taiwan build deeper diplomatic ties. The Washington Times.

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2020) Hong Kong pushed to the edge with passage of security law. The Korea Times.

Kipgen, Nehginpao and Bansal, Aakriti (2020) Asean needs to come together over Covid-19 pandemic. Bangkok Post.

Conference or Workshop Item

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2018) Rohingya Conundrum and its significance for International Studies. In: IIHEd Research Seminar Series : The Rohingya Conundrum, 21 Sep 2017, O. P. Jindal Global University.


Kipgen, Nehginpao (2021) Democratisation of Myanmar. 2 ed. Taylor and Francis, Oxon. ISBN 9781003219408

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2020) The politics of South China sea disputes. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780367512064

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2016) Myanmar: A political history. Oxford University Press, New Delhi. ISBN 9780199466306

Kipgen, Nehginpao (2015) Democratisation of Myanmar. 1 ed. Taylor and Francis, Oxon. ISBN 9781315652122


Kipgen, Nehginpao (2019) A marriage of mutual interests in Myanmar China relations. National Chengchi University and FLAME University, India, Taiwan.

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