Thomas, Ashika, Chindaliya, Sakshi, Mohan, Deepanshu and Kaushik, Arun Kumar (2024) Reflections. In: Pan-India stories of informal Workers During Covid-19 pandemic : Crisis narratives. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, pp. 131-147. ISBN 978-981-97-1525-1

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This chapter collates the findings observed when interacting with the multifaceted informal communities of India. Major trends were identified including gender disparities, youth participation in trades and income choices. From the fishing industry to sanitation work, the pandemic exposes and exacerbates existing hierarchies, with women bearing a “double burden” of domestic responsibilities and underpaid labor. The narrative extends to urban spaces, where women are relegated to informal sectors, facing mobility restrictions and wage disparities. Examining youth trends, the chapter observes a shift towards consumerism and technology-driven aspirations, especially in the post-80s neoliberal era. The narrative also delves into income choices, revealing how households, despite limited resources, invest in cultural capital through festivals. To bring the anthology to a full circle, the chapter reflects on feminist ethnographic methods, highlighting the intersection of activism and academic research. Based on interviews conducted with authors of case studies presented in the book it emphasizes the importance of navigating unpredictability, making research accessible, and fostering collaboration with communities. The insights underscore the ongoing dialogue between researchers and communities, challenging power structures, and advocating for social justice.

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