International legal regulation of space debris: Proposal for establishment of an International Space Agency

Milanov, Aleksandar (2023) International legal regulation of space debris: Proposal for establishment of an International Space Agency. Foundation New Age citizens, Sofia. ISBN 9786199083468

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This book explores the international legal regulation on protecting outer space environment from different types of space debris. The monograph focuses on the international legal gaps to regulate all major aspects of space debris and the challenges in front of comprehensive international cooperation and legal regulation. It illustrates the levels of cooperation, achievements and omissions in different international forums that address the issue of space debris.
The book also examines the roles of international governmental organizations as well as international scientific organizations to address the issues of space debris production, management, and removal from outer space. The monograph provides the steps to improve space traffic management and to provide safety to all space activities while achieving better protection of the outer space environment.
The last chapter includes a comprehensive proposal to resolve many pending space law issues, including space debris regulation. The chapter substantiates for the establishment of an International Space Agency. This sui generis international organization includes most nations that dedicate themselves to protecting the interests of humankind as well as those of states and private actors.
The holistic vision of outer space exploration is key to solving the problems in outer space policies, including the massive creation of space debris and their poor management

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