Potential of DNA technique-based body fluid identification

Mishra, Aditi, Gondhali, Ulhas and Choudhary, Sumit (2022) Potential of DNA technique-based body fluid identification. In: Handbook of DNA Profiling. Springer, Singapore, pp. 321-337. ISBN 978-981-16-4318-7

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Determination of the type of body fluid evidence recovered at the crime scene is very crucial to forensic investigators, since it facilitates the reconstruction of crime scene the sample donors with actual criminal acts. So far, several conventional methods such as alternative light sources, immunological tests, protein catalytic activity tests, chemical tests, catalytic tests, spectroscopic methods, and microscopy have been developed for identification of body fluids. Majority of these conventional methods are presumptive in their nature and thus possess some limitations regarding specificity, sensitivity, etc. Driven by the importance for forensic applications, body fluid identification methods have been extensively developed in recent years. To overcome the limitations of conventional analysis, molecular genetics-based methods using DNA methylation profiling has been implemented for body fluid identification in forensic context. DNA methylation that occurs at CpG dinucleotides-5′-position of the pyrimidine ring of cytosine residue has proved to be useful markers for identification of blood, semen, saliva, vaginal secretions, and menstrual blood samples. Interestingly, several studies have been conducted that have reported variations at tissue-specific DNA methylation and gene expression. With the time, several tDMRs (tissue-specific differentially methylated regions) have been identified. These tDMRs are found to be specific for each body fluid or cell type and further validated using different samples. In this chapter, we have focused on potential of DNA methylation as a forensic marker and its utility for advanced investigative leads from forensically relevant body fluids.

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Keywords: Forensic science | Body fluid identification | Epigenetics | DNA methylation
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