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Global Languages Centre

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Knowledge Socialism: The rise of peer production: collegiality, collaboration, and collective intelligence. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Mahesh Datttani's Me and My Plays. [Book Reviews]

Batra, Jagdish (2023) Roswitha Joshi’s Spaced Out: A Review. [Book Reviews]

Jindal Global Law School

Chodavarapu, Sai Priya (2023) Ilenia Ruggiu, Culture and the Judiciary: The Anthropologist Judge | Routledge, 2019, Pp. 248, ISBN: 978-1-13835-983-3. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Dawer, Aashita (2023) Pranab Bardhan, A World of Insecurity: Democratic Disenchantment in Rich and Poor Countries | Harvard University Press, 2022, Pp. 225, ISBN: 978-0-67429-257-4. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Kaushik, Dhruv (2023) ChorSwang Ngin, Identities on Trial in the United States: Asylum Seekers from Asia | Lexington Books, 2018, Pp. 253, ISBN: 978-1-4985-7474-7. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Marada, Hamsini (2023) Amy Barrow and Sara Fuller (eds), Activism and Authoritarian Governance in Asia | Routledge, 2023, Pp. 242, ISBN: 978-1-03215-209-7. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Mohanty, Rahul (2023) Book Review : Minorities and the Making of Postcolonial States in International Law by Mohammad SHAHABUDDIN. Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021. xxiv + 354 pp. Hardcover: AUD$ 160.95; Adobe eBook USD$88.00. doi: 10.1017/9781108678773. [Book Reviews]

Sanghi, Sanskriti (2023) Divorce and Democracy: A History of Personal Law in Post-Independence India, S. Saxena. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Book Review: Taming the dragon. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Gunjan (2023) Book review: Sanjeev Kumar (ed.), China’s bri in different regions of the world: Cooperation, contradictions and concerns. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Steuer, Max (2023) Book Review : The Changing Role of Citizens in EU Democratic Governance, by D. Jancic (ed.), (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2023), 368pp., hardback, £90, ISBN: 9781509950829. [Book Reviews]

Uma, Saumya (2023) Book review: Kalpana Kannabiran, Law, Justice and Human Rights in India: Short Reflections. [Book Reviews]

Visvanathan, Shiv (2023) Book Review: Citizens on the margins: Review of ‘Where the Madness Lies’ by Kishalay Bhattacharjee. [Book Reviews]

Yadav, Aashish (2023) The Human Right to Citizenship: Situating the Right to Citizenship within International and Regional Human Rights Law by Barbara von Rütte (Brill Nijhoff 2022) 480 pages. Price €177.00. ISBN 9789004517516. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Art & Architecture

Malpani, Czaee (2023) Book Review: Modelling the Metropolis: The architectural model in Victorian London a history of architectural model making in Britain: The unseen masters of Scale and vision. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Jindal School of International Affairs

Agha, Ambreen (2023) Class, Gender, Race, and Muslimness in the production of Muslim South Asia’s Safarnama. [Book Reviews]

Sachdeva, Rishabh (2023) Book Review: Courting the People: Public interest litigation in post-emergency India by - Anuj Bhuwania. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Anuraj (2023) Book Review: Population Aging in China. [Book Reviews]

Venkatraman, K K (2023) Book review: Anshuman Narang, PLA’s tactical transformation with Chinese Characteristics. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Jindal School of Journalism & Communication

Bhattacharjee, Kishalay (2023) Book Review: A Resurgent Northeast — narratives of change. [Book Reviews]

Gupta, Uttaran Das (2023) Book Review: Amitava Nag’s Biography Tries to find Soumitra Chatterjee a wider audience. [Book Reviews]

Muralidharan, Sukumar (2023) Book Review: India’s growth trajectory: Insiders and outsiders. [Book Reviews]

Muralidharan, Sukumar (2023) Book Review: That bedrock of feelings: Review of ‘Politics, Ethics and Emotions in New India’ by Ajay Gudavarthy. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Languages & Literature

Tripathi, Sraddha (2023) Book Review | Indian English Fiction (2001-2020) : History and Reflections. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Bharadwaj, Gargi (2023) Performing Silence: Women in the Group Theatre Movement in Bengal. By Trina Nileena Bannerjee. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2021. Pp. xxv + 354. ₹1795 Hb. [Book Reviews]

Chawla, Swati (2023) Book review | Mystics and sceptics. [Book Reviews]

Clammer, John (2023) The rise and fall of America’s concentration camp law: civil liberties debates from the Internment to McCarthyism and the radical 1960s. [Book Reviews]

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