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Global Languages Centre

Batra, Jagdish (2021) (Book Review) No, I can't make round Rotis. [Book Reviews]

Jindal Global Business School

Bhandari, Parul (2021) Book Review : The caste of merit: Engineering education in India. [Book Reviews]

Bhandari, Parul (2021) Book review: Ajantha Subramanian. 2019. The Caste of Merit: Engineering Education in India. [Book Reviews]

Bhandari, Parul (2021) Sylvia Vatuk. Marriage and its discontents: Women, Islam, and the Law in India. [Book Reviews]

Shukla, Richa (2021) Book review:: Diary of a philosophy student. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Jindal Global Law School

Baxi, Upendra (2021) BS Chimni, International law and world order: a critique of contemporary approaches, Cambridge University Press, 2017, xviii+ 629. [Book Reviews]

Chaudhary, Shraddha (2021) [Book review]: On crime, society, and responsibility in the work of Nicola Lacey, edited by Solanke, Iyiola, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. [Book Reviews]

Chaudhary, Shraddha (2021) Love, labour and law: Early and child marriage in India, edited by Samita Sen and Anindita Ghosh. [Book Reviews]

Chimni, B.S. (2021) Modernizing the UN human rights system. [Book Reviews]

Dautaj, Ylli (2021) Environmental interests in investment arbitration: Challenges and directions and water services disputes in international arbitration: Reconsidering the nexus of investment protection, environment, and human rights. [Book Reviews]

Gurumurthy, Amulya Anita (2021) Gender and neoliberalism: the All India Democratic Women's Association and its strategies of resistance. [Book Reviews]

Kansal, Shubhangi (2021) Book review : The Mothers of Manipur by Teresa Rehman. [Book Reviews]

Mahanand, Jadumani (2021) Practice of caste and the complexities of constitutional Democracy. [Book Reviews]

Mahaseth, Harsh (2021) International heritage law for communities: Exclusion and re-imagination by Lucas Lixinski. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Mahaseth, Harsh (2021) Simultaneous identities: language, education and the Nepali nation. [Book Reviews]

Mandal, Saptarshi (2021) Bans & bar girls: Performing caste in Mumbai's dance bars. [Book Reviews]

Pangalangan, Raphael Lorenzo A. (2021) Book Review : Constitutions, religion, and politics in Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. [Book Reviews]

Pangalangan, Raphael Lorenzo A. (2021) Constitutions, religion, and politics in Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Gunjan (2021) Book review: South Asia conundrum: The great power gambit. [Book Reviews]

Sontakke, Atharva (2021) Abhinav Chandrachud, republic of religion: The rise and fall of colonial secularism in India. [Book Reviews]

Steuer, Max (2021) The Eurosceptic challenge: National implementation and interpretation of EU law. [Book Reviews]

Swaminathan, Shivprasad (2021) Legal validity: The fabric of justice. [Book Reviews]

Swaminathan, Shivprasad (2021) A short history of legal validity and invalidity: Foundations of private and public law. [Book Reviews]

Unkule, Kalyani (2021) Transforming research excellence: new ideas from the global south. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability

Krishnan, Sneha (2021) Book Review : A Gujarat here, A Gujarat there By Krishna Sobti [. [Book Reviews]

Krishnan, Sneha (2021) Book Review : Elif Shafak’s new novel shows us how it’s not just humans who remember the trauma of war and loss. [Book Reviews]

Krishnan, Sneha (2021) Planning for ecosystem services in cities. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

Mhaskar, Sumeet (2021) Book Review :The caste of merit: Engineering education in India. [Book Reviews]

Mhaskar, Sumeet and Pol, Prabodhan (2021) [Book Review ]Satyendra More. The memoirs of a Dalit communist: The many worlds of R.B. More. [Book Reviews]

Subramanian, Vidya (2021) Book Review: Examining teach for all: International perspectives on a growing global network. [Book Reviews] (In Press)

Jindal School of International Affairs

Agha, Ambreen (2021) Colonial episteme, political forgetting, and the quest for decolonising history. [Book Reviews]

Chaulia, Sreeram (2021) Making Hong Kong China: the rollback of human rights and the rule of law. [Book Reviews]

Mishra, Jitendra Nath (2021) Book Review: Poets and lovers in ninth century India [Book Review: My Shameless Heart- Love Lyrics of Amaru Shatakam]. [Book Reviews]

Polcumpally, Arun Teja (2021) Book Review: Malhotra, R. (2021). Artificial Intelligence and the future of power. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Journalism & Communication

Muralidharan, Sukumar (2021) The violence of borders [Book Review] Midnight's borders: a people's history of modern India by Suchitra Vijayan. [Book Reviews]

Ray, Reeju (2021) Indian sex life: Sexuality and the colonial origins of modern social thought. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Lobo, Michele, Bonnerjee, Jayani J., Wilson, Helen F., Fincher, Ruth, Iveson, Kurt, Leitner, Helga and Preston, Valerie (2021) Together in difference: a review symposium on everyday equalities: Making multicultures in settler colonial cities, by Ruth Fincher, Kurt Iveson, Helga Leitner and Valerie Preston. [Book Reviews]

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