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Jindal Global Business School

Bhandari, Parul (2019) The making and meaning of relationships in Sri Lanka: An ethnography on University students in Colombo. [Book Reviews]

Dey, Deblina (2019) Anita Ghai (ed): Disability in South Asia: knowledge and experience. [Book Reviews]

Jindal Global Law School

Bhat, M. Mohsin Alam (2019) The Constitutional Case against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. [Book Reviews]

Jain, Dipika (2019) Book review: Naisargi N. Dave, Queer activism in India: A story in the anthropology of ethics. [Book Reviews]

Khanderia, Saloni (2019) International approaches as plausible solutions to resolve the battle of forms under the Indian law of contract. [Book Reviews]

Mahanand, Jadumani (2019) Raja Sekhar Vundru. Ambedkar, Gandhi and Patel: The making of India’s electoral system. [Book Reviews]

Mandal, Saptarshi (2019) Laila Ashrafun, Women and domestic violence in Bangladesh: seeking a way out of the cage. [Book Reviews]

Nakray, Keerty and Surana, Vishnu (2019) Review of 'Domestic violence laws in the United States and India: A systematic comparison of backgrounds and implications'. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Mani Shekhar (2019) Book Review: Uwe Skoda and Birgit Lettmann, eds. 2018. India and its visual cultures: Community, class and gender in a symbolic landscape. [Book Reviews]

Singh, Prashant (2019) Isabel M. Borges, environmental change, forced displacement and international law: from legal protection gaps to protection solutions. [Book Reviews]

Surendran, Gitanjali (2019) An ethnography of living together. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of International Affairs

Pakanati, Rajdeep (2019) Book review: To govern China: Evolving practices of power edited by Vivienne Shue and Patricia M. Thornton. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Journalism & Communication

Muralidharan, Sukumar (2019) Under siege, again. [Book Reviews]

Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Clammer, John (2019) Theology for an Inclusive World, written by Felix Wilfred. [Book Reviews]

Krishnaswamy, R. (2019) Review of Aakash Singh Rathore, Plato’s Labyrinth: Sophistries, lies and conspiracies in Socratic dialogues. [Book Reviews]

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